CDA to finish Diplomatic Enclave Road early

CDA to finish Diplomatic Enclave Road early

A news source said on January 9 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) should finish work on the 3.25-kilometer-long Diplomatic Enclave Road in two months.

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A CDA official told the media that the authority has sped up the building of a new road that will connect the Diplomatic Enclave with the area around it. He said that the road, which starts on Murree Road and makes a “L” shape, will be an alternative to Third Avenue, which goes through the old Diplomatic Enclave and its surrounding area.

The official from the authority also said that in order to do this, the CDA has told all the people who live in the houses on the proposed route to leave, and more than 22 houses have already been torn down. He also said that when the road is finished, traffic on Third Avenue will be limited, and all embassies working in different parts of Islamabad will be asked to move to their designated areas in the diplomatic enclave for safety.

It’s important to know that CDA started the project because the embassy of a friendly country, which is on Third Avenue, was worried about safety. When it’s done, the new road will be open to all traffic, but people won’t be able to get to Third Avenue. The CDA has also said that building the new road will make it possible for more embassies and missions to be placed in the larger area.

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