Sector-B in Kings Town has a balloting schedule

Sector-B in Kings Town has a balloting schedule

A post on the society’s official Facebook page on January 9 said that the Al-Kabir Developers had told all of its customers and dealers that the balloting for Phase 1, Sector B, Kings Town, will happen in February 2023.

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All 3- and 5-marla residential and 3-marla commercial plots will be put into a drawing. In this case, Al-Kabir Developers Chief Admin Officer Col (retired) Pervaiz Ahmad Akhtar has asked the file holders and dealers of the said sector to pay any outstanding dues and instalments by January 25 to be included in the balloting.

It is essential to know that Al-Kabir Developers has recently added a merging option to the Kings Town Sector B plot forms, allowing file holders to combine their 3 and 5 marla residential and commercial plots.

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