CDA to restart Rawal Dam sewage treatment plant

CDA to restart Rawal Dam sewage treatment plant

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has decided to bring back the PKR 6 billion Rawal Dam sewage treatment plant project in order to stop the pollution of Rawal Dam, according to news reports from October 17.

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The project to protect the main source of drinkable water in the capital city was put on hold for years. In the catchment areas of the dam, which are Shahdara, Bari Imam, and Banigala, the CDA will build three sewage water treatment facilities. Under this plan, about 9.6 million gallons of waste water will be cleaned every day.

From the time the project starts, the news source says it will take 14 months to finish. In this way, the CDA would get approval from the Planning Commission for the changed PC-I before asking for new bids. The project will be done in an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) mode. This means that the design and engineering will be done by an EPC contractor and approved by the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) within three months of the contract being signed.

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