Sindh to release frozen funds for new development

Sindh to release frozen funds for new development

Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah decided on October 18 to release PKR 208.113 billion in frozen funds for 4,158 new and ongoing development projects in the province. This was reported in a news article.

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In September, after the recent flash floods, the Sindh government decided to freeze the development funds. Now, the chief minister held a meeting where he decided to unfreeze the funds and went over the development plans of each department.

The head of the Sindh Planning and Development Board, Syed Hassan Naqvi, told CM Shah that work was happening on 4,158 projects that had been given PKR 204.652 billion before the funds were frozen. Out of all the money, PKR 199.649 billion was given out, but it was later frozen. He went on to say that the government had also frozen PKR 194.8 billion in funds for 1,324 projects.

The PM was also told how much all of the flood recovery projects would cost. Based on the information that has been shared, emergency projects to fix damage caused by floods will need PKR 336 billion.

Here’s what you need to know about the money for projects to fix things:

  • PKR 110 billion for rebuilding homes.
  • 48 billion Pakistani rupees to fix up drainage and irrigation projects PKR 22 billion for fixing up major roads, water systems, and drainage systems.
  • PKR 16.90 billion to bring back animals.
  • PKR 11 billion to give the farmers wheat and oil seeds.
  • PKR 9 billion for the emergency services of Rescue 1122
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