FBR amends Export Facilitation Scheme-2021

FBR amends Export Facilitation Scheme-2021

According to a report in the country’s most widely circulated newspaper on July 14, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made significant changes to the Export Facilitation Scheme-2021, requiring exporters to submit details on their export performance over the past two to three years, as well as a summary of foreign exchange realized.

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Customs Rules 2001 have been updated by the board as described in SRO.917(I)/2023. It was disclosed that in order to make use of the facility, exporters must submit an electronic application to the Regulatory Collector along with a summary of foreign exchange realized through e-forms and a report of their export performance for the relevant time.

New to the updated plan is the concept of “online marketplace,” which now encompasses not only traditional marketplaces but also e-commerce platforms and website portals that help with exports of all kinds.

In addition, the FBR has modified the process exporters must follow in order to engage in international toll manufacturing. Users must now submit an authorized dealer-approved I-Form with a zero remittance amount for input products.

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