KP sends up plot allocation letters to media in Swat

KP sends up plot allocation letters to media in Swat

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mehmood Khan gave plot allocation letters to journalists in Swat on Monday, December 5, according to news reports.

In the Swat district, there was a ceremony where the journalists were given the ownership letters. According to the information, the plots are in the Dangram Housing Scheme, which covers 500 kanals. Out of all the plots, the government has given 71 plots of 5 marlas each to the journalists of district Swat, but they have to pay for them themselves.

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CM Mehmood spoke at the event and said that the provincial government is working with local governments to help people get affordable housing. He said that journalists are important to society and that their well-being is important as well. He said that the government will make sure that more projects like this one get started so that low-income families can have decent places to live.

Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, the KP government has started a number of housing-related projects in the province (NPHP). Under the project, the government gives people a 20-year mortgage option for low-cost homes.

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