RDA Approved Societies Checklist for 2023

RDA Approved Societies Checklist for 2023


Investors often look for RDA Approved Societies before making a long-term and valuable investment in the community. Moreover, several other benefits will be here in making a legitimate investment in society. The reason is that usually, residential investment is something investors do only sometimes. Therefore the agenda is to make one of its king housing investments that help them gain the ideal living and best profitable investment opportunities. Further details of the RDA-approved societies and their guidelines for making sustainable investments are as follows:

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

The concerned governmental authority is here to legalize Rawalpindi’s residential and commercial investments. Moreover, the area of Rawalpindi has several commercial and residential opportunities available, like the Blue World City Islamabad, Faisal Hills, Faisal Town, and Faizaia Housing Scheme. In addition, several other opportunities available in the community are viable options for all investors from the twin cities. Most importantly, the worth of these legitimate housing ventures is higher than the illegal ones. And the investors are also keen to make an investment that is sustainable and pays high returns on investment.

RDA Approved Housing Societies

Here is the list of RDA-approved housing societies that are a viable option for all investors from the twin cities. The best aspect will be that these options are available at the best prices and with minimal down payments. Lastly, some of the names of the projects are here.

  • Airport Green Garden
  • Al Haram City
  • Bahria Golf City
  • Bahria Paradise
  • Boston Avenue Housing Project
  • Capital Smart City
  • Dream City
  • Eastridege Housing Sscheme

How to Check Housing Project Legal Status

For RDA-approved societies, specific checklists are mandatory guidelines to make the entity. In addition, specific policies are vital in making worthwhile and long-term investments in the RDA jurisdictions.

  • First, open the official website of Rawalpindi Development Authority.
  • From the tab menu, the investors can select the desired category they want to explore, like the approved housing societies and the latest policy updates.
  • The details will pop up regarding the query asked.
  • In the search bar, the investors can also look for different aspects like the Location, status of the housing project, and the map.
  • Certain documents are also available at the site, which is also downloadable, like the list of approved architects, housing projects, and new policies.

RDA Checklists for Sustainable Investment

Specific guidelines are necessary to make an ideal investment at the RDA Approved societies. However, it will be advisable to get expert guidance to avoid any hassles.

  • First, it is vital to visit the site beforehand to know precisely the stats of the housing project. Despite relying on the available information, it will be critical for investors to check the facts by themselves.
  • Verify the Noc aspect of the housing project from the official internet site or the certified dealers.
  • The investors can also avail of the legal and original document copies of Noc approval and the proposed map.
  • Contact officials like RDA, CDA or TMA for the attestation work.
  • The investors must check whether the housing project is certified with the NAB.
  • Before investing, it is vital to ask beforehand regarding the development charges or any other hidden charges.
  • Check whether the said provision includes both primary and high-end available in the community.
  • It is also advisable to make the transactions via banking channels and save the receipt to avoid any issues later.

Advantages of approved housing project investment

There are several benefits of investing in legal housing communities. Moreover, the best and most vital aspect is that the investors can make sustainable and worthwhile investments. The reason it is necessary to invest in RDA Approved Societies is that the area is the future of real estate investment. Various investment opportunities are now available in the twin cities; therefore, investing in a legal entity will be worthwhile and sustainable. Furthermore, residential investment is usually only sometimes; therefore, seeking an ultimate and sustainable investment will be profitable.


RDA Approved Societies are the twin cities’ optimal and ultimate investment opportunities. Moreover, several reasonable options are available in the community that encourage the investors to make a viable option. And to make the process easier and more feasible for everyone, specific general guidelines for all investors will allow them to make a smooth investment process effectively and profitably. The investors must also consult with the authorized dealers to ensure that all the details and terms and conditions comply with RDA guidelines. Lastly, contact with Estate Land Marketing is the best source to get the optimal and authorized information.

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