LDA offers 15 residential and business plots for auction

LDA offers 15 residential and business plots for auction

According to news stories from April 6, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) held a massive auction at the LDA Community Center in New Garden Town for residential and commercial plots located in various projects throughout Lahore.

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The aforementioned auction featured 15 plots located in Johar Town, Mustafa Town, Tajpura, and Jubilee Town and was run under the direction of Assistant DG (Housing) Syed Munawwar Bukhari. There were nine residential plots and six business plots, all of which sold for a total of PKR 257,999,000.

Below are the specifics of these plots:

  • Mustafa Town’s Corner Property No. 204, Block Ahmed Yar (Commercial), sold for PKR 9.15 million.
    Mustafa Town’s Plot No. 204-C, Block Ahmed Yar (Commercial), sold for Rs. 7.97 million.
  • Tajpura’s Plot No. 547 in Block D (Commercial) sold for PKR 6.36 million.
  • Tajpura’s Plot No. 548 in Block D (Residential) sold for PKR 6.35 million.
  • Tajpura’s Plot No. 53 in Block E (Residential) sold for PKR 9 million.
  • Tajpura’s Block E, Corner Plot No. 56, was sold for more than PKR 10 million.
  • PKR 75 million was paid for Corner Plot No. 27-C, Civic Center, Johar Town (Commercial).
  • At PKR 65 million, Tract No. 76, Civic Center, Jubilee Town (Commercial), was sold.
  • For PKR 13.6 million, the Corner Plot No. 539, Block, B Jubilee Town (Residential) was sold.
  • Jubilee Town (Residential) Property No. 121, Block C, for PKR 11.1 million.
  • Jubilee Town (Residential) Tract No. 424, Block D, for PKR 9.29 million.
  • Jubilee Town (Residential) Property No. 446, Block D, for PKR 9.62 million.
  • For PKR 9.3 million, Plot No. 233, Block E, Jubilee Town (Residential) and PKR 8.55 million, Plot No. 31, Block F, Jubilee Town (Residential) were sold.
  • Block C, Jubilee Town (Residential), Corner Property No. 724, PKR 6.95 million
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