To build apartments in Chaharbagh, RUDA is seeking offers

To build apartments in Chaharbagh, RUDA is seeking offers

According to an advertisement that appeared in national dailies, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has issued an invitation to potential investors/developers – acting individually or as part of a consortium – to submit proposals for the design, development, construction, financing, sale, marketing, operation, and maintenance of the 10-kanal apartment building(s) for the Chaharbagh Project.

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The advertisement states that parties interested in executing the aforementioned Chaharbagh Project and with demonstrable technical and financial skills should submit their technical and financial proposals using the single-stage, two-envelope technique.
The deadline for submitting an RFP is May 19 at 4 PM, and the deadline for submitting a proposal is May 23 at 4 PM.

The Executive Director Commercial will provide the RFP for a nonrefundable cost of PKR 50,000 in the form of a Pay Order/Demand Draft in the name of RUDA.

Technical bids will be opened in front of the bidders on the same day; however, enterprises who pass the technical evaluation will be contacted to open the financial bids on a date that will be properly announced.

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