LHC fought unauthorized RWP housing constructions

LHC fought unauthorized RWP housing constructions

On February 10, news sources said that the Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench would hear a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) about the destruction of farmable land in Rawalpindi caused by the mushrooming of illegal and illegal housing schemes.

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The citizen’s PLI said that the illegal and unchecked growth of illegal housing schemes is putting the food security and sustainability of millions of people at risk. In his petition, the litigant talked about how upset he was that the regulatory agencies and the affected area didn’t seem to be doing anything to stop the building of illegal housing projects on arable land. After hearing the opening argument, the LHC bench issued an order telling the additional advocate general to send comments on each paragraph and a full report from the Punjab Secretary of Local Government and Community Development and the DG of PHATPA by February 22, 2023.

It’s important to remember that Pakistan has serious food shortages, especially of wheat, rice, and other things. A recent report says that Pakistan is now seventh in the world when it comes to cotton production, down from fourth place before. The government has started making master plans for all big cities, but none of them have been put into action yet.

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