CDA to have independent evaluator evaluate auctioned plot bids

CDA to have independent evaluator evaluate auctioned plot bids

A news source said on February 10 that in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to have all of the bids for plots from the recent auction evaluated by a person who is not part of the CDA.

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Since there were a lot of questions about the 5,952 square yard plot in the F-7 part of Blue Area, the CDA decided to have all bids looked at before the next board meeting. The evaluator’s report will be given to the board for final approval, which was made clear. The task needs to be done by the independent evaluator within a week.

The news source said that the CDA must present the bids to the board for final approval because that is what the rules say. The most recent auction was called the largest one ever, and 42 plots brought in PKR 41 billion for the government. Concerns were raised, though, about the way the prices for the reserved seats were set. The worry was about how a plot in F-7 can be sold for less than a plot in the F-8 or F-9 section.

Syed Asif Raza, a spokesman for the CDA, said that the auction is done according to rules and laws. He went on to say that the auction is held openly and according to a formula that is already in place.

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