PCBDDA opens Kalma Chowk underpass for traffic next month

PCBDDA opens Kalma Chowk underpass for traffic next month

On January 23, news sources said that the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) has decided to open the Kalma Chowk underpass and the roads around it to traffic by February.

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CEO of the PCBDDA Imran Amin told the meeting about the news while he was in charge of a review of the project’s progress. He said that the people in charge are busy working day and night to finish the project on time. The CEO also said that the underpass will be open to traffic by February and that both barrels of the Central Business District (CBD) Punjab Boulevard project will be finished. During the meeting, the CEO was told that the authority has finished digging out the rainwater storage tank in Saint Mary Park and has also finished cementing the roof of the underpass.

It’s important to remember that the PCBDDA started the Kalma Chowk redesign project so that people could get to the CBD, which is being built as the first smart downtown in the country. As part of the project, two underpasses and an overhead bridge will be built to improve traffic flow and to move traffic from the Central Business District (CBD) to Kalma Chowk and Gulberg Main Boulevard.

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