PM Housing Loan Scheme Pakistan - Apply Online

PM Housing Loan Scheme Pakistan – Apply Online

PM Housing Loan Scheme Pakistan – Apply Online

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, an extraordinary housing development. The major purpose of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is to build 5 million residences for persons from lower socio-economic backgrounds. On the 10th of October 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled a scheme within which every one of the selected few candidates will be given a home. This article will discuss the PM housing loan scheme in Pakistan and how to apply online?


People with modest salaries and those who do not yet own a home may be among the registrants. For this initiative, the state has established the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NPHA), which would issue all necessary approvals to building companies and investigate various issues involved in the project. As a benchmark of thorough socio-economic development, offer five million residential units with linked facilities to all residents, emphasizing the financially underprivileged and middle-income areas. As a result, the country’s industrial development and jobs opportunities will be revitalized.


The PM housing loan scheme, also called Apna Ghar Housing Scheme, is implemented in several parts of Pakistan. The areas have been chosen, and development has begun in several locations. The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority announced Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The NPHA intends to evaluate Pakistan’s undeveloped territory to ensure that development work can begin as soon as possible. Considering the survey, the National Park Service has announced that these residences will be built in the following locations:

  1. Islamabad
  2. Lahore
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Sukkur
  5. Muzaffargarh
  6. Quetta
  7. Gilgit
  8. Muzaffarabad
  9. Swat
  10. Multan
  11. Rahim Yar Khan
  12. Layyah
  13. Bahawalpur
  14. Vehari
  15. Kasur
  16. Sialkot
  17. Jhelum
  18. Gujranwala
  19. Dera Ghazi Khan

Working Model of the Naya Pakistan Housing Project

The government and business sector collaborated on the NPHS – PM Housing Loan Scheme Pakistan. According to the plan, the government will allocate land for private development firms to build residences. In addition, the government intends to sell these homes to the general populace in 15 to 20-year installments. The public is required to contribute 10% of the total value of the house up the advance.

How to Apply for a Home in the PM Housing Loan Scheme

You can register for the PM housing loan scheme online at or in person at your nearest Nadra branch. One individual from each household is qualified to participate; please double-check that your ID card and tracking code are valid. The Nadra Officer’s signature is on the application form. The Housing & Development Authority of Naya Pakistan intends to ensure that every Pakistani has their own home. The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme can be registered in two ways:

Online registration

  • To begin, go to this address:
  • Then you must register for the PM Housing Loan Scheme.
  • Now, go to the website and fill out the application form. Give all your information, including your name, CNIC information, phone/mobile number, and current address.
  • You must also offer information on your monthly earnings.
  • You also can specify your chosen district and tehsil/union body where you wish the house to be built.
  • Select an installment plan to pay the 250 registration fee.
  • Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and E-Sahulat Center are all options for paying the registration fee.
  • Finally, go over everything and finish the registration form.

NADRA E-Sahulat Centre registration

  • Print the registration form from
  • Read all of the guidelines attentively before filling out the form with all essential information, including your name, CNIC number, and monthly income.
  • After that, go to the local NADRA E-Sahulat center & present the registration form to the E-Sahulat center’s registration agent.
  • Pay the agent a registering fee of Rs. 250 and obtain confirmation of request completion from the agent.

Documents Required for a Home in the NPHS

What you’ll need to Register for the PM Housing Loan Scheme

  • Two pictures of passport size
  • A copy of your CNIC or NICOP card is required.
  • An Rs. 250 non-refundable registration fee is required.
  • The application form that is filled out
  • Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria
  • It would be best if you were a Pakistani national.
  • This program only allows one family member to apply.
  • A valid computerized national identity card is required of the applicant (CNIC).
  • Applicants who do not own a home in Pakistan will be given priority.

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PM hosing loan scheme Pakistan is a bold step, and it is likely to serve the country’s low-middle classes effectively. However, some detractors argue that this initiative is not feasible due to the country’s financial position. Because the residences will be developed in collaboration with the private industry, the private sector will need to borrow money from commercial banks in order to complete a project of this magnitude. As a result, the State Bank will have to grant some form of financial assistance to the developers. You may easy apply online to make your desire to buy a home truth and safeguard your tomorrow with the support of this program.

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