Punjab considers leasing industrial land to international companies

Punjab considers leasing industrial land to international companies

News from December 15 says that the Punjab government has decided to rent industrial plots to foreign investors instead of selling them industrial land. At a meeting where Senior Provincial Minister Aslam Iqbal was in charge, the decision was made.

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Sources say that foreign investors will be able to use industrial land in Punjab now that the provincial government has made this decision to encourage industrialization and help the region’s economy grow. Through consultation, a complete and appealing policy will be made to lease out industrial land in Punjab.

At the meeting, people also talked about their worries about industrial colonization, the cost of plots, and the availability of infrastructure. Minister Iqbal said that the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Punjab are important for economic growth and should be industrialized as soon as possible. He thought that speeding up the industrialization process would lead to more jobs. The minister also said that a deal will be made with the people who buy the plots in the industrial estate and that local investors should be encouraged. He also told the Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company to do a special audit and repair work. He said that building infrastructure in industrial estates and speeding up the process of industrialization should be done.

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