Senate body approves CDA ordinance amendments

Senate body approves CDA ordinance amendments

Islamabad: News sources say that the Capital Development Authority (Amendment) Bill 2022 was passed by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Friday, August 26. The bills require the CDA to finish projects within the time that has been set.

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Senator Fawzia Arshad brought up the bill to change the CDA ordinance, and Senator Mohsin Aziz was in charge. The goal of the amendment was to change the way things are done so that new projects and plans can’t be approved until existing ones are done.

According to the proposed change, this method would mean that grants could only be given to projects that could be finished on time. The goal of the amendment, according to the person who wrote the bill, is to make it mandatory for the CDA and other executing agencies, like the federal government, to carry out and implement development plans within a set time frame so that the public exchequer doesn’t lose money.

Even though decades have passed, there are still many parts of Islamabad that aren’t finished. After more than 20 years, the CDA has just started to develop a few different areas.

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