Al Makkah city Islamabad

Al Makkah city Islamabad

Al Makkah city Islamabad

Al Makkah City is the latest residential project by the famous Y-K developer. Al Makkah City Islamabad is a unique housing plan with exquisite characteristics and current technology improvements. Additionally, The Federal Capital is renowned for its beautiful splendour, and there is where this housing development resides. The housing society provides numerous houses and plots for your ideal home, where you may enjoy all of the essential yet contemporary conveniences for your future life.

Furthermore, Al Makkah City is located in the perfect position in Rawalpindi. With convenient & signal free access from Motorway M2, moreover, it is placed on the vital route of Rawalpindi. Secondly, The prominent location of Al Makkah City offers it a substantial advantage over competing for residential plans. It adequately accommodates the commuting demands of the locals.


The housing society is a remarkable endeavour of the Y-K Group of Companies. So It is a well-known firm that has worked hard to give inhabitants the ability to live in a contemporary, inventive, and pleasant environment. Lastly, It has constructed its residential and commercial complexes that employ proactive urban planning, progress, and sustainability ideas.

YK group developers of Al Makkah city Islamabad

Some notable projects by Y-K group companies

  1. Kashmir Propylene
  2. Kashmir Overseas
  3. Brothers Construction
  4. also Saani Power

NOC Status

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) provisionally approved the Al Makkah City housing scheme on December 15, 2020, because of forming comprehensive engineering plans, transfer deeds, mortgage deeds, and a subsequent notice of completion (NOC).

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Location Map

Al Makkah City is located on the Mahfouz Shaheed/Japan Road in CDA Zone V; it is located on Service Area North, Motorway M2, Chakri, while reachable within only 7 minutes. Likewise, The housing society’s vicinity is Gulberg Town, DHA Valley, the Jammu Kashmir Co-Operation Society, Jinnah Garden, Navel Anchorage, Parliamentarian Enclave Uswa Cadet College, Lahore University Islamabad Campus, and OPF Valley.

Al Makkah city Islamabad location map

Furthermore, it takes approximately 25 minutes to drive to kingdom valley. In addition, the Rawalpindi Ring Road would reduce the travel time between Rawalpindi and Islamabad by a significant amount. 

Nearby Landmarks

  • Jammu & Kashmir Housing Society is located 8 kilometres away
  • The Islamabad Highway is 9 kilometres away
  • 5 km away from Naval Anchorage
  • Gulberg Green and the Overseas Pakistan Foundation.
  • also 5 kilometres from the University of Lahore
  • furthermore, OPF Valley is adjacent

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Payment Plans

Its pricing plan is for four years. It also has a monthly payment plan. A 10% payment secures a reservation. So Paying for residential, business, and agricultural plots is simple, which are below.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

residential plot prices in Al Makkah city

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

commercial plot prices in Al Makkah city

Farmhouses Payment Plan

Farm houses prices in Al Makkah city

Master Plan

The housing society’s master plan is meticulously designed. It is a well-designed residential neighbourhood. Furthermore, The Master Plan for Al Makkah City is divided into two phases, each containing blocks. Likewise, Each block is equipped with its amenities, including public parks, greenways, schools, and a commercial district.

Al Makkah city Islamabad master plan

Blocks of Apartments

Each block contains over 5000 plots and its commercial district. Shopping malls, banks, and markets have all been meticulously planned. Likewise, it is 60-foot-wide streets encircle the entire lodging society. The main road measures 120 feet in width, while the side roads measure 100 feet. Additionally, a cemetery, playgrounds, mosques, and theme parks have been set aside for the benefit of society.

The following are the residential blocks in this lodging society

  • Block-A
  • Block-B
  • Block-C
  • Block-D
  • Block-E
  • Block-F
  • and Block-G

Residential Plots

The dimensions of residential plots are listed below.

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • and 1-Kanal

Commercial Plots

The dimensions of the commercial plots are as follows

  • 5-Marla Farmhouses
  • also 10-Marla Farmhouses


The following table summarizes the sizes of farmhouse plots:

  • 2 Kanals
  • 4 Kanals,
  • 5 Kanals,
  • 6 Kanals,
  • and 8 Kanals

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Al Makkah City is undoubtedly a top-grade residential complex. It imagines boosting the living standard in line with present-day expectations. Moreover, it delivers an advanced lifestyle your heart has always longed for. Secondly, From master planning to implementation, every single element is maintained at the world level.

  • Entrance gate
  • E-tag Entry
  • Babri Masjid Replica Mosque
  • Advance Infrastructures
  • Security & Surveillance
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Underground provision of utilities
  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas & water
  • Underground sewerage system
  • Water treatment plant
  • Green spaces & Street Lights
  • Graveyard
  • Theme Parks & Play Grounds
  • Standard Hospitals & medical units
  • International Standard Super Marts
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Cinemas
  • also Commercial arena

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Why Should I Invest in this society?

Al Makkah City is a development project undertaken by a well-known real estate company. So It is placed near two large societies, which is advantageous. In addition, the plots are offered in instalments and a variety of different sizes and shapes. Moreover, Construction work has begun, and the property will be ready for possession shortly. These pieces of land in Al Makkah City are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Furthermore, the housing society is a luxurious residential development. It pursues to raise living standards to meet modern-day expectations, with a particular emphasis on providing an advanced lifestyle that your heart has long wished for. 

A few of the most sought-after amenities include the following items.

Roads are well designed 

Road transportation is an essential requirement for citizens, and it is beneficial in the event of a fire. As a result, the housing society has constructed carpeted roads for residents to use for quick and easy transportation of items such as machinery, materials, and other items of value. Moreover, These roads will be constructed by the requirements of the World Economic Forum’s road quality indicator or the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness Index.

Tracks for jogging

There are exceptional, breathtaking jogging tracks for the housing society residents who are in good shape. The track cuts through the greenery, but the familiar rubber track is underfoot, giving it a unique appearance. And also, Allow yourself to be taken aback by the breathtaking views. Running will seem effortless because you will be captivated by the surroundings.

Education of the Highest Quality

The housing society is laying the groundwork for excellent educational institutes that will enrich the minds of the next generation. Moreover, Knowing that they provide their children with the best education possible will give residents a sense of security.

Restaurants and lodging establishments

For the convenience of the residents, the lodging society will include all of the area’s most renowned restaurants and hotels. Furthermore, to better serve a large number of diplomats and food enthusiasts who live in the area, the housing society has transformed the local dining culture by opening a slew of interesting new cafes and cool bars.


Al-Makkah City Islamabad is also home to a cemetery, which serves as a final resting place for the residents’ loved ones. A total of more than 6,000 graves will be available in the cemetery.

Plant for the Treatment of Water

Due to the growing need for waste-water treatment, venture designers for the lodging society included a water treatment plant in the overall master plan. Furthermore, the venture designers believe that protecting the environment is preferable to damaging it. As a result, we must address environmental issues as aggressively as possible to ensure a cleaner, greener future.

Petrol pumps

Petrol stations are also being built at the closest access points, which will be completed soon. The fuel comes from well-known companies in the petroleum industry, such as PSO, Shell, and Caltex. Also, Fuel and carwash services of the highest quality will be provided at these stations.

Peaceful ambience

The residential neighbourhood will be surrounded by peace. So It is ideal for growing a family. So If you’re overloaded, stressed, or burnt out, you need to go outside and reconnect with nature. Unlike inhabitants of Al-Makkah City Islamabad, people must go far for such trips.

Unusual Facilities

The housing society is severely providing quality infrastructure, including roads, underground telecommunications, drainage & sewerage, gas pipelines, and power distribution. There will also be an underground water supply and a tube well network.

Expert Medical Care

So The lodging society is building many clinics and hospitals to provide medical assistance in an emergency. Furthermore, These medical facilities will have a well-trained medical team and modern technologies to assist patients.

Rapid Growth

The outstanding team of urban planners, educators, entertainment professionals, sports experts, and practitioners from a range of professions are all aiming to help you get the most out of life. Moreover, there is a distinction between constructing dwellings and creating desirable master-planned communities.


  • Brick Construction
  • Current Project
  • Electricity
  • Electricity Backup
  • Gas Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Rental and Resale Service
  • Pure Residential
  • Pure Residential
  • High-Speed Elevator
  • Ideal location
  • Internet
  • Main Commercial Area
  • Near Main Road
  • Pure Residential
  • Security Guard and Cameras
  • also TV-Cable
  • and Water Piping

Pros and Cons


High Security

High walls and barbed wire surround the housing society. So The developers will employ a significant body of armed guards to safeguard the residents and a body to monitor the housing society 24 hours a day.

Babri Mosque

The Babri Mosque, the most prominent religious and historical mosque in the subcontinent, will be constructed immediately in the heart of the lodging society to commemorate religious and historical events. Furthermore, The mosque will be a stunning sight. Lastly, According to the Muslim architect’s standards, it will be a masjid with two ablution rooms and 50 wheelchairs for the elderly.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi

The housing community is near Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It will significantly benefit inhabitants in terms of daily commuting.

Family-Friendly Area

So Every parent desire to give their children a safe and nurturing environment. Thus the lodging society has created just that. As a result, Your kids will be safe within the lodge, studying beside technological wonders.


Waiting Period

Investors who cannot pay immediately might opt for an instalment plan. However, the housing society’s payment schedule is four years. The waiting period is unfavourable for confident investors, although this is subjective.


Al-Makkah City Islamabad is the most recent residential project by well-known Y-K developers. This newly developing society is also equipped with all of the top-notch amenities and features available in the market. Likewise, It is a housing development with a contemporary design. 

As a result, by investing in Al-Makkah City Islamabad, you will become the owner of a plot of land that is prepared to be developed. Furthermore, the plots are available for purchase with the option to take possession. lastly, If you have any questions about Al Makkah city Islamabad, kindly Please visit our website or contact us for more information directly via Estate land marketing


Q:1 What is meant by Al-Makkah City Islamabad?

ANS: It is a luxurious residential scheme in the vicinity of the Twin Cities.

Q:2 Who are the developers & owners?

ANS: The Y-K Group of Companies are the developers of this housing project.

Q:3 Where is it located?

ANS: Al Makkah City is located on the Mahfouz Shaheed/Japan Road in CDA Zone V.

Q:4 Are there underground utilities in the housing society? 

ANS: Yes, because there are underground utilities of electricity, water, and gas.

Q:5 Is it an approved housing society? 

ANS: Yes, it is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Q:6 Is there Sui gas available in the housing society?

ANS: Yes, there is Sui gas in the housing society.

Q:7 What are the residential plot sizes?

ANS: The sizes of the residential plots are as follows,

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q:8 What are the commercial plot sizes?

ANS: The dimensions of the commercial plots are as follows,

  • 5 Marla
  • and 10 Marla

Q:9 What is the period of the instalment plan? 

ANS: likewise The instalment plan is for four years.

ANS: for instance, If you have any queries, Estate-Land Marketing is the marketing of real estate.

Q10: What is mean a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Parks, Hospital, Water Sewerage, not only but also Linking Road Network, and Electricity, etc.

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