CBD introduces the first Blue Road concept in Asia in Lahore

CBD introduces the first Blue Road concept in Asia in Lahore

According to an article published on May 2, the Central Business District (CBD) of Punjab has introduced the Blue Road concept to modernise Lahore’s infrastructure. The city will be the first in Asia to implement the concept of the Blue Road.

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According to the news source, Blue Roads were created as a sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt roads. The cutting-edge technology includes thermal monitoring and energy-saving features to reduce pollution and promote a healthy environment. According to CBD officials, CBD’s chief executive officer is personally monitoring the pace of construction on CBD Boulevard to ensure the project’s delivery deadline is met.

According to the specifications, the road in question employs a special coating that reflects sunlight and reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the road surface. Additionally, the reflective coating improves nighttime motorist visibility, which is essential for enhancing road safety.

CBD CEO Imran Amin stated that the Blue Road concept has been implemented successfully in several European and Middle Eastern nations, including France, the Netherlands, and Qatar. He added that the authority is excited to introduce this concept in Pakistan because it will contribute to the province’s vision of establishing a modern, sustainable, and inclusive society.

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