Best Dubai Real Estate Apps for realtors 2023

Best Dubai Real Estate Apps for realtors 2023

The real estate sector of Dubai is one of the best economic success stories of UAE. At the same time, it becomes confusing and somewhat complex. A lot of expats are registering themselves in this business with the passage of time. So, they are looking for some easy solution, which makes the real estate business less complex. Many of the individuals have registered themselves for the Dubai Real Estate course.  Apart from the course, they need to learn about following Dubai Real Estate Apps for their own ease.

Best Dubai Real Estate Apps

Dubai REST

Dubai Rest is one of the best Dubai Real Estate Apps that helps clients carry out transactions easily. The clients would not need to leave their homes, instead, they can carry out transactions at home. Dubai Land Department has introduced such advanced Real Estate Self Transaction for the comfort of real estate clients. This app has been supportive in saving time and capital for many clients, and it provides accurate data. It involves an intuitive user interface with options for different languages.

Some of its best features are mortgaging, selling, and listing properties with information from real estate brokers. It also helps in renewing Ejari contracts along with the provision of electronic payment options. Real Estate clients can also file rental disputes, and get their follow-up through this app.

Property Finder

Property Finder is another holistic Dubai real estate app that modernizes the entire procedure to purchase or rent any property. It enables real estate clients to choose from a diverse range of options, i.e. flats, lodges, townhouses and lands all across the UAE. It involves listing and prices of some properties in detail, so that client may come up with the best decision. This property would help in finding a state-of-the-art villa for residents. There is also an option to filter the size, location, and facilities, as per the requirements of the clients. One can get in touch with real estate agents by using this app. Individuals can also search for the top Dubai Real Estate agents list by using the different options in this app.

PF Expert

PF Expert is another advanced Dubai Real Estate app with which property clients can manage their listings. Real estate agents and brokers specifically use this app to manage their leads in a single place. Even, the customers have the option to respond to leads and get insights about the company. One can also get information about the current real estate landscape, and the market competition.


Makani is another unique Dubai Real Estate app that comes under the domain of Dubai Municipality. The clients would get a 10-digit number that helps them in finding the accurate entrance of any building. It has an official geographic system in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ajman,  and Umm Al Quwain. The clients are able to search their favorite locations easily, as there are no codes or directions. One can clearly say that this app is similar to Google Earth. The best part about this app is that it includes innovative features like QR codes or street-level imagery views. This app would help visitors too, as they would have the facility to search for their tourist destination.


DubaiNow is one of the innovative Dubai Real estate apps that got the sponsorship of the UAE government. The users of this app can have access to more than 100 governmental and private sector services. This app is helpful for signing residential contracts and paying housing bills. Moreover, this app would also have facilities for managing driving needs, police documents, and other residential files.


Whether you are searching for a realtor, or want to pay a housing bill, the Dubai real estate apps are very helpful. The housing in Dubai is evolving at rapid pace due to the arrival of foreign workers. So, one can clearly utilize these apps for better direction, and bill payment. If you want to learn ways to use these apps, then you should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing.

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