CDA for moving private schools away from neighborhoods

CDA for moving private schools away from neighborhoods

Islamabad: According to news reported on April 3, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has suggested moving private schools out of residential neighborhoods by renting out plots to schools as part of a new strategy.

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The suggestion will be discussed at the upcoming sixth meeting of the CDA board of directors, according to the sources. The board is anticipated to consider leasing out vacant seats to private schools, which is not permitted by the laws as they currently stand.

According to CDA regulations, both public and private educational institutions may get residential residences. While private schools must purchase plots through a competitive process at the market rate, the CDA allots properties to public schools at subsidised rates. The administration now wants to give private schools the freedom to build purpose-built campuses away from residential areas.
According to the critical authorities, CDA should auction plots rather than lease them because private schools are successful businesses and do not provide their kids with the benefit of nominally cost leases.

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