Top 10 Real Estate Economists

Top 10 Real Estate Economists


Real estate economists are the subject matter experts who help investors and realtors in making the right and sustainable investment opportunities. Moreover, globally, real estate is one of the best business and investment options that benefit investors and developers to create profits and massive gains. The blog will cover the world’s top economists with excellent reputations in the real estate market as they help everyone with the correct insights, information, and guidance. So, without delay, let’s explore all our economist options here.

Real Estate Economics

Applying economic techniques in the real estate market is real estate economics REE. Moreover, real estate investors and developers must know to ensure optimal asset creation. Also, the top real estate economists are helping shape the real estate dynamics worldwide. And for that matter, even in a developing country like Pakistan, the real estate sector is in the way of helping the country’s economy, primarily commercial real estate economics. So, keep reading to know more regarding economist real estate and helpful real estate economics strategies to get the maximum insight and investment strategies.

Top 10 Real Estate Economists

The list is long, but we have shortlisted the most famous and experienced economists known for their hard work and contributions to the real estate sector. Thus, let’s dive into the option we have here.

Lawrence Yun

The first option we have is Mr Lawrence Yun. He is the leading economist at the NARs (National Association of Realtors). Moreover, Mr Yun is in charge of examining real estate data and trends to provide helpful information regarding real estate. As an asset to the organization, he has been part of it since 2000, during his tenure and till now. And he is sharing valuable statistical insights regarding the economy and the real estate market.

Mark Fleming

The other well-known real estate economist is Mr Mark Fleming, the leading economist at First American Financial Corporation. Moreover, he facilitates everyone with title insurance, settlement services, and risk solutions in real estate transactions. Also, he is responsible for the company’s economic research team to generate more profitable results.

Ralph McLaughlin

Mr Ralph MacLaughlin is also the chief economist and the senior vice president of Analytics at Haus, a real estate technology company. Moreover, he has a history of working with Trulia as a chief economist. So, we can say that Mr Ralph McLaughlin has the best in-hand experience and knowledge regarding real estate. Lastly, his research is usually about housing market trends and economic indicators.

Danielle Hale

Ms Danielle Hale is the chief economist at The is the leading online real estate platform. The most vital aspect is that her expertise offers information regarding the analysis and insights into the housing market and broader economic trends. All this data is critical to creating a viable and valuable housing investment.

Skylar Olsen

The other real estate economist is famous for her outstanding work and dedication. Moreover, Ms Skylar Olsen is the chief economist at Zillow. Also, she leads the Zillow economic team. Also, she helps everyone analyze current trends and housing market data to get profitable results. Her core areas are home values trends, sales and inventory.

Jonathan Smoke

The other top real estate economist we have here is Mr Jonathan Smoke, a chief economist at The is the virtual real estate arena. Moreover, the Economist real estate has expertise on the trends in home sales, pricing, and real estate economics and finance. All these areas are vital in making the finest real estate deals. So, investors looking to make an incredible investment can attain guidance from this real estate economist.

Daryl Fairweather

The other economist in real estate is Daryl Fairweather, a chief economist at Redfin, a technology-powered real estate brokerage. Further, the economist is known for contributing to the research team by providing information about broader economic trends. There will be several other areas where the economist holds a grip, like behavioural economics. Thus, guidance from this economist can be vital before making a sustainable investment.

Nadia Evangelou

The other professional here is the chief economic expert and director of real estate research at the National Association of Realtors. Moreover, her main focus is the county and native real estate market trends, including the changing demographic effects and migration arrays. Also, her expertise includes researching and analyzing local residential affordability conditions and solutions to increase the housing inventory.

Selma Hepp

The following real estate economist is one of the most famous and intelligent economists. Moreover, she is the deputy chief economist at the prestigious organization CoreLogic. Further, CoreLogic is a property data and analytics provider. In addition, the economist has in hand experience in housing market analytics, creative data storytelling, and driving leadership.

Robert Dietz

Last but not least, he is the chief economist and wise senior president for economics and housing policy of the National Association of home builders. Also, he is responsible for housing market analysis, housing policy research, industry surveys, and economic forecasting. Not only this, he has published research papers on federal tax policy, the benefits of homeownership, and other housing issues.


The top real estate economist list is available in this blog. All of them have accomplished a lot in their relevant corporations. And also spreading real estate knowledge among the masses to help them achieve optimal housing investment. Moreover, all these economists are part of prestigious organizations globally. Similarly, Estate Land Marketing is willing to offer investors in-depth and valuable information. Thus, contact their professional team before making any sustainable investment to gain a high return.

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