Unauthorized Islamabad car showrooms to lose leases

Unauthorized Islamabad car showrooms to lose leases

Islamabad: According to news reports from April 4th, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a warning of lease cancellation to the proprietors of all illegal vehicle shops operating in commercial areas of Islamabad.

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According to sources, CDA Chairman Noor ul Amin Mengal tweeted a warning about a number of illegal vehicle showrooms that have been discovered in various parts of the city and are in breach of leasing agreements and non-conforming standards.

The owners of the implicated vehicle showrooms are urged to remove the property by April 20 to avoid legal repercussions, such as steep fines, termination of leases, and sealing of the property.

According to the CDA’s warning notice, these non-compliant firms are breaking the law and causing traffic congestion that makes it difficult for people to commute easily in the nation’s capital.

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