Islamabad will host a CDA kiosk auction next month

Islamabad will host a CDA kiosk auction next month

Islamabad: According to a news source on April 5, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to put up for auction kiosks (vending machines) scattered across the capital city.

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The auction for selling spots will take place from May 15 to 17, starting at 10 AM, at the Citizen Club in F-9, according to CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal, who is also the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad. He stated that Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad will hold the auction for the approved kiosks by the planning wing (MCI).

According to the information, 200 kiosks will be auctioned off next month, making a total of 1,807 vending points that will be sold at auction. Businesses that sell juice, shakes, tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables, hamburgers, snacks, tuck shops, and decorations and gifts will be able to take use of these kiosks. These vending machines will be placed at parking lots, playgrounds, parks, bus stops, and marketplaces.

According to the information, the kiosks will be built in accordance with a certain design in an effort to improve the beauty of the federal capital. The winning bidder will receive a 10-year licence to run the vending machine under this scheme. It has been made clear by CDA Chairman Mengal that seating would not be provided at kiosks since doing so might result in encroachment on state-owned property.

Irfan Nawaz Memon, MCI Administrator, said that the MCI will offer the winning bidder with a design for putting up the vending locations. The auction, according to the chairman, will boost commercial activity and remove encroachments from Islamabad’s sidewalks and public spaces.

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