CDA will build two additional parking lots in Islamabad

CDA will build two additional parking lots in Islamabad

The Islamabad major newspaper reported on May 12 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had agreed to build two more parking plazas in the city. In three days, the authority will issue a request for proposals to begin building parking plazas.

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Construction on two additional parking lots in Islamabad has been ordered by CDA Director of Work Tahir Mahmood. He let slip that the two parking garages, one in I-8 Markaz and the other in F-8, will be situated in those respective areas. He also mentioned that four parking garages’ designs are finalized and that their locations will be determined soon.

According to the report, the Blue Area parking plaza (estimated cost: PKR 1.3 billion) is currently undergoing construction. There’s enough for 900 automobiles and 150 motorcycles throughout the project’s six stories (including a basement and ground level). The development is situated close to Savour Foods. Although the parking lot was expected to be finished in March of this year, it won’t be until September 3 at the earliest.

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