CDWP approves ten Rs96bn upgrading projects of development

CDWP approves ten Rs96bn upgrading projects of development

On Monday, the Central Development Work­ing Party (CDWP) approved 10 projects worth Rs96.1 billion, which were approved by the group.

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, presided over a meeting of the CDWP, which formally approved eight development projects with a total estimated cost of Rs30.2bn. He also recommended two projects worth Rs65.9bn to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council for approval.

Under the current financial rules, the CDWP can only approve projects that cost less than Rs10 billion. Projects that cost more than that are approved by the Ecnec after the CDWP has approved them on technical grounds.

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In general, the CDWP took on a lot of projects in the fields of health and higher education; physical planning; housing and water. Four position papers and one proposal to clear up a concept were also talked about.

They came up with five projects worth a total of Rs25.8bn that the CDWP agreed to. There was a project called ‘Establishing a 200-bed Mother and Child Hospital in District Rajanpur,’ which cost Rs7.48bn. Under the ‘Covid-19 responsive and other natural calamities’ program, the project will be paid for by the Public Sector Development Program. The goal of the project is to make it easier for people in marginalized communities and people who live in a lot of different places to get high-quality maternity and new-born care by providing high-quality health services and meeting the SDG health goals.

Some money will be spent on the “Establishment of the 50-bed Cardiac Hospital at Gilgit-Baltistan (GB)” project, which will cost Rs4.675bn to fund. The project would be paid for by the PSDP. It would provide diagnostic and treatment facilities for the people of GB, as well as the installation of modern biomedical tools like Angiography, Thallium scans, ECGs, ETTs, Echo machines, ICUs, CCUs, and HDUs.

There was also a decision made by the CDWP to buy Mag­netic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment worth Rs463.450 million for the Radiology Department of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sci­ences (PIMS). This will also be paid for by the PSDP. Installing and upgrading MRI and CT (computed tomography) scan equipment in the Radio­logy Department of PIMS is the goal of this project. This is to make sure that the already existing services will continue and that the quality and quantity of the services will get better for the patients who need them most.

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