FGEHA describes Park Road Housing Scheme site allotment

FGEHA describes Park Road Housing Scheme site allotment

Islamabad: According to a news source on February 24, the Federal Government Housing Authority (FGEHA) has announced that 1,188 Category-I plots in the Park Road Housing Scheme have been granted. These plots will be distributed to federal government employees in accordance with the layout plan that has been approved.

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According to the specifics, a 3.5% quota has been split among three employee categories: 2.5% for constitutionally serving employees, 0.5% for constitutionally retired employees, and 0.5% for constitutional widows. Plots will be assigned to constitutional entities registered under Membership Drive-II based on age-based seniority and term of service. According to the authorised quota policy, plots will be reserved for the Islamabad High Court, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Federal Shariat Court, the Senate Secretariat, the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Federal Tax Ombudsman Office, the Islamic Ideological Council, the National Assembly Secretariat, and the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat.

Also, in Sectors F-14 and F-15, the remaining registered members will get first dibs on allocation. According to information disclosed, the members will be housed at the Park Road Housing Project depending on the availability of plots. Following the resolution of the legal disputes in Sectors F-14 and F-15 and the completion of the layout, plots of Category-I will be allocated.

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