Government adopts first ever toxic waste management program

Government adopts first ever toxic waste management program

Climate Change Minister Senator Sherry Rehman told reporters in Islamabad on June 29 that the federal cabinet had approved the country’s first toxic waste management policy. This policy is meant to protect the environment and human life.

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According to the details, the climate change ministry’s National Hazardous Waste Management Policy will help control the movement of toxic materials like batteries, oil, plastics, hospital waste, and electronic waste. The policy will also help classify dangerous materials and devise ways to get rid of them.

She also said that a framework for the departments will be made and that provincial and federal environmental protection agencies (EPAs) will be strengthened. She also noted that a regulatory framework will be made to ensure the policy is put into place.

Reports say that the center will work with the provinces to make a national framework and plan to control licencing for hazardous waste imports. Climate Change Minister Rehman said that implementing this policy will help the country comply with the Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP Plus). She hoped that within three months, the ministry of climate change would devise a national plan.

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