KP launches an improvement and beautification effort in Tank

KP launches an improvement and beautification effort in Tank

Tank city’s much-anticipated beautification project, which will cost PKR 50 million and was started by the district administration, was reported in the news on December 27.

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In addition to the beautification campaign, the district administration has taken steps to solve the encroachment problem, which has been going on for decades. This has led to the destruction of more than 400 illegally built shops, electricity poles, and telephone poles in different parts of the city.

Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister (CM) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), gave the necessary PKR 50 million to Tank’s beautification campaign to pay for a number of projects to improve the city. The goal of the uplift plans is to bring the city of Tank, which has been left behind, up to the same level as other developed districts and cities in the province.

Deputy Commissioner Hameedullah Khattak told the media about the projects and said that all agencies involved have been told to use high-quality building materials and do everything they can to finish the projects on a “war footing.” He also said that the Public Health and Engineering Department had been told to put pipelines on both sides of the city road so that people in the Tank district could get clean water more easily.

As part of these projects to make the city look better, the main road of Tank will be built, solar lights will be put up in the most important parts of the city, and a family park will be set up.

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