MDA unveils a single-window commercialization cell to improve efficiency

MDA unveils a single-window commercialization cell to improve efficiency

The Multan Development Authority (MDA) has opened a single-window cell to expedite the land commercialization process, according to January 27 news reports.

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MDA Director General (DG) Kaiser Salim stated at the inaugural ceremony that the project’s objective is to give applicants with effective commercialization processing services and to shorten the required processing time. He also emphasized that the one-window cell is linked to the IT infrastructure that enables candidates to complete their job in the shortest period possible.

In addition, the IT infrastructure would ensure that the updated land record is always accessible to the public and is secure, efficient, and safeguarded by cloud technology. In addition, the connection between the land registry system and NADRA will facilitate the applicant’s identity and online verification.

Kaiser Saleem claimed that a challan will be issued quickly following a review of the client’s presenting papers, allowing it to be deposited at the MDA building’s private bank counter. Once the challan is submitted, the e-Khidmat center in Multan will receive a commercialization request, and the officer will be required to complete the procedure within a month.

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