The BCDA is developing a master plan for Baluchistan's coastal belt

The BCDA is developing a master plan for Baluchistan’s coastal belt

The Baluchistan Coastal Development Authority (BCDA) is drawing up a master plan for the province’s coastline in Quetta. They are doing this to find out if “compressive development and preservation of the natural ecosystem” will be possible in the future. This news was reported on January 23.

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According to reports, the Baluchistan government is working hard to finish the master plan to take advantage of the many tourist spots along the 750-kilometer coastal belt and boost the “blue economy.” To get the most out of the tourism industry in the province, the government worked to protect marine life and the ecosystem along the coast to stop coastal erosion.

Work on eco-tourism resorts, piers, beach parks, and rest areas has been going full-steam ahead so that both local and foreign travelers can use them. Resorts are almost 90% done being built in Gadani, Kund Malir, Jiwani, Aurmara, Gwadar, and Kalmat. Also, the government spent PKR 250 million to build five beach parks along the coastal belt.

Sources say that the government has also set up the BCDA to keep an eye on commercial, residential, and other important tourist facilities.

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