Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan is a joint Multan Development Authority’s and the Evacuee Trust Property Board project which has been approved by the Northern Multan Revenue Authority, the Multan Development Authority (MDA) it is designed for the peaceful environment of families which provides a luxuries services in affordable prices.

Owners and Developers

The Model Town Multan’s main project was initiated in 1999. Phase I and Phase II were developed, after seeking approval from Pakistan’s government. 99 acres of land its covered with 490 plots. The Phase III, which started in 2005, of the Residential Scheme is an MDA Scheme, completing all of the projects.

Location Map of Model Town

The location of Model Town Multan is easily accessible in the middle of Multan. Because of its green nature and its accessibility to the housing society it is very desirable to the inhabitants. The housing society is located on the main location on northern bypass that links to the outer Multan.

Model Town Multan location map

Places Nearby Landmarks

Below are the places and nearby landmarks.

  • In 3 minutes’ drive you may have reached to Wapda City through the North Bypass.
  • 8 minutes’ drive to satellite via Sharif Road N-5 and model town Boulevard
  • 12 minutes’ drive to Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • 20 minutes’ drive to DHA Multan through bosan road Jinnah Avenue and Education Avenue.

Access Points

The housing society is nearly

  • Three mints drive from Tahir Rasheed Avenue
  • Two mints drive from Graveyard Road
  • 10 mints drive from Iqbal Road
  • Nearly 9 mints drive from Service Road
  • Nearly 10 minutes’ drive from Main Road
  • 5 minutes’ drive from Multan Bypass

NOC Status

In 1999, the Multan Development Authority authorized the housing scheme NOC and the design plan authorization The information about the NOC may be found on the MDA website. MDA also approves payment and installment schemes.

Master Plan

The Masterplan of Model Town Multan, detailed in the following parts, achieved the quality of development:

  • Phase I&II covers a 99-acre area with 490 housing sites.
  • Phase-III has a surface size of 41 acres with 226 residential plots, there is a large road network throughout the whole housing society, with 40 feet per road width, around the houses, large streets and for simple mobility.

master plan of Model Town Multan


For easy management and continuous supply of installations, the company is separated into the following.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C


Block A, the major block of the Model town Multan which is fully built and equipped with modern facilities. That block is close to Education Avenue Northern Bypass and contains business and residential plots of different sizes in a beautiful location.


Like Block A, this block is likewise a green and well-designed building for the residents. With all contemporary amenities, this block is fully developed. The development of this block is a genuine high quality of life for society. It is close to the North and many residential companies such as DHA Multan and Wapda Town Multan.


Block C is one of the most modern developments and is more advanced than the two other blocks. The residences are built to meet the newest trends and equipped with sophisticated equipment. It is on the northern bypass opposite Block-A. It is properly constructed and maintained that provides families with a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

Features of model town

  • Schools & colleges
  • shopping centers
  • Emergency medical centers and surgical hospitals
  • Availability of gas, water and electricity
  • Waste management disposal systems
  • Jamia mosques

features of Model Town Multan


Model Town Multan gives all the facilities required for every household.

  • Road Infrastructure
  • Emergency medical and surgical centers
  • Planned sewerage system
  • Recreational spaces and parks
  • Model Town Mosque
  • Quality educational institutions

Model Town Payment Plan


Model Town multan Plots price

Guild lines before transaction

 Financial Security

 Please confirm that your funds are covered by your purchasing plan before entering into a transaction to sell or acquire the property. This will finalize your buy or sell without any problems.

Document Verification

Before transaction make sure your documents are verified to avoid miscommunication or any kind of issue. Make sure the MDA requests the NOC and permission paperwork before you make any purchase or sale of the property.

 Property Visits

Please visit the site on the ground to make sure that written papers are in compliance with the plot requirements before any purchase and after the document’s validity is guaranteed.

Pros and Cons


  • Hospital
  • Budget-friendly Method
  • Schools
  • 24/7 Water, Gas and Electricity
  • Community centres
  • Gated community
  • Peaceful/ healthy environment
  • Close to the primary location, other societies
  • Lush Green society
  • Well-planned drainage systems


  • High price misperception
  • Processing fees


Model Town Multan is working with the Multan Development Authority (MDA) and the MDA-approved, Northern Multan Bypass Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). Commercial and residential plots of 6 Marla to 2.5 channels are provided by the community at reasonable costs with the finest living conditions.

While investing money in property without knowledge always give us tough time to make a decision before any transaction. This is why a trustworthy professional guides the best approach to handle the property purchase process. Our estate land marketing expertise are local market specialists and have demonstrated histories of performance. It takes you step-by-step through the procedure and ensures all is proper. Have more questions about the Model town Multan Be sure to check out our website or directly connect with us.


Q1- What is the location of Model Town Multan?

ANS: The housing system is situated on the Bypass North Multan, next to the Multan Punjab Government.

Q2- Is the company’s NOC accepted?

ANS: This housing plan is approved by MDA for NOC.

Q3- Who are these home developers?

ANS: The Multan Development Authority and the Evacuee Trust Property Board are established to develop the residential system.

Q4 what is the condition of electricity?

ANS: electricity condition is very good compared to other area.

Q5 why should I invest my money in your company?

ANS: because we are giving a best service, it is designed for the peaceful environment of families which provides a luxuries services in affordable prices.

Q6 What is considered to be the best block location you are providing?

ANS: All blocks are providing best services but block A is the best one among all blocks.

Q7 What is a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, Linking Road Network, Electricity

Q8 Who should I contact in case I face any issues?

ANS: Please contact on WhatsApp or call at +923006367316.

Q9 how can I get more information through website?

ANS: there is official website: after clicking onto projects menu you will get there.

Q10 what is the feedback of the customers?

ANS:  customers are satisfied by our services with a good rating.

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