Park View City To Launch Hills Estate Block

Park View City To Launch Hills Estate Block


Hills Estate Block is the latest and most fascinating block soon going to be part of the Park View City Islamabad. Moreover, developers are willing to make the best living standards for all the investors, and the investors are also finding this a desirable residential investment. And the best aspect is that the prices of the properties available here are also in a range of all investors, making it an ideal residential buy for the residents of twin cities and nearby areas. Moreover, the facilities will also enhance the investment rates because of the luxuries and high-end commodities t pocket-friendly rates. Lastly, the blog will cover the available information regarding the Park View Hills Estate Block.


The vision group are the developers making history by making this exceptional Park View City Islamabad. Moreover, Aleem Khan, the vision group’s owner, was a PTI member. Furthermore, they are famous for building dream and ideal living spaces for all investors. But, most importantly, their team is professional and expert in the area and knows the art of making exceptional living spaces. Lastly, the developers’ new addition to the Hills Estate Block is the community. And their idea is to deliver the best living spaces at pocket-friendly rates.


The site of the housing community makes it the most suitable residential investment for the twin cities or nearby areas. Moreover, the location is near the Bahria Enclave adjacent to the park enclave. Furthermore, Kashmir Highway, Chak Shazad, and Bani Gala are the closest sites to this residential venture. And via Malot Road, the community connects with Kuri Road. Most importantly, within fifteen minutes, the residents can reach Blue Area Islamabad. all these access points enhance the value and worth of this real estate venture. Lastly, the Hills Estate Block will be the most attractive area that will grab the attention of most investors.

NOC Status

The Park View City Islamabad is an approved housing venture with a No Objection Certificate from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Moreover, legality is the main criterion for all investors to make a long-term and valuable residential investment. Furthermore, the developers are also concerned about this matter, which is why they are here with legal status. But, most importantly, the soon-to-be-launched Hills Estate Block will be a part of this community, which indicates that it will be a sustainable residential investment for all.

Hills Estate Block

According to the recent development and updates, park view city will soon launch and provide extensive details of Hills Estate Block. Moreover, the developers claim the block will have the mountains’ most iconic and scenic views. And all investors who want to make a serene and eco-friendly environment can make an ideal and long-term investment here. Furthermore, this will be a residential block with numerous living spaces to fulfil the future resident’s needs.

However, the master plan and price details are not available yet. And after the block’s launch, all investors can benefit from it and make an ideal residential investment here. Moreover, the housing community is already close to the mountains, and the Hills Estate Block will be closer to nature, increasing the quality of living for all investors and future residents. Furthermore, there will be countless advantages and privileges for all investors. Lastly, all details will be available after the block launch.

Payment Plan

The prices will be affordable and in the range of most investors. Moreover, the provision of instalments will further encourage investors to invest in the Hills Estate Block. Lastly, the prices will last from PKR 8,000,000/- to PKR 15,000,000/-. It is famous for its affordability and instalment plan that attracts most investors.

Hills Estate Block Payment Plan Conclusion

Hills Estate Block will be part of Park View City Islamabad soon. Moreover, the developers want to deliver the best living status to all the investors and residents. And that is the reason they are not stopping to mesmerize the investors. Furthermore, several blocks are already available and have the best and dream properties. Similarly, soon this will be part of the community offering all investors the ideal and serene lifestyle. And the location and prices range of previous plots already suggest that the housing society gives the best value for its money.

The details of the new block will be available after its launch. Moreover, according to developers, the good news will soon be here with the best price range and facilities. Furthermore, the most significant amenity will be the lush green and serene environment. As per the sources, the block will be close to the mountain range. The plot rates and the living space measurements will be available once it’s out there by the developers. Stay updated with Estate Land Marketing to get the dream residential investment here.

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