Al Kabir Orchard Lahore Kala Shah Kaku

Al Kabir Orchard Lahore


Al Kabir Orchard Lahore is the newest housing venture developing in the Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore. Moreover, developers are also trying to keep the legacy of the previous housing communities. Furthermore, the site is again in proximity to Lahore. And the facilities will help the investors attain the lifestyle they are always looking for with end living standards. Moreover, future residents will get the most desirable and pocket-friendly living spaces that will help make them valuable assets. And the details of the projects will be available in this project, which will give all investors an idea of the perks and privileges of living here. So, let’s discuss and look deep into the available information.

Owners & Developers

Al Kabir Town Pvt Ltd is the main hand behind this exceptional housing community. Moreover, the developers are making this a dream residential project for all investors. Furthermore, their team knows how to facilitate investors with ideal, high-end living spaces. And they have also worked on projects that have set an example for all investors, like the AL Kabir Town Lahore, Kings Town Lahore, and Maryam Town Lahore. And their development work is proof of the hard work they are putting in to offer the dream investment option for all. Lastly, the trust factor is here, and that’s the most significant aspect for all residential investors.

NOC Status

Tehsil Municipal Authority approves this housing venture. Moreover, builders are keen to offer the dream residential investment to all, which is why they are already seeking approval from higher authorities. Furthermore, the trust all investors want from any real estate investment is there that will help in taking this long-term decision efficiently. Most importantly, this is the reason the worth of this housing venture is high is because of its legality and the site. Lastly, for all investors, this will make a valuable long-term investment.

Location & Map

The housing society is at the Main GT Road, opposite SA Garden Lahore. Moreover, it locates on 1 KM Chak 44 Road. Furthermore, the site is accessible from the M2 Motorway, increasing accessibility for most investors and residents. When choosing a long-term residential investment, looking for basic life necessities like schools, colleges, and hospitals is vital. Therefore, all the localities will help enhance all investors’ living goals.

Allama Iqbal International Airport will be in the surrounding of this housing community. Moreover, in just 10 minutes, the investors can access Shahdra and Muridke. Most importantly, Mall Road Lahore will be a 20-25 minutes drive, increasing the attraction to invest in this magnificent real estate project. Furthermore, it will be five minutes from the Lahore Ring Road. Lastly, these access points will increase the residential investment’s worth. And the detailed map is here to provide a better idea to all investors.

Al Kabir Orchard Lahore location

Payment Plans

The prices will be the most lucrative feature as it will have inexpensive rates like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the developer plans to increase the investors’ attention by making cost-effective property prices, and the instalments will also help buy the plots at pocket-friendly rates. But, most importantly, all investors wish to find a dream home at the ideal location and affordable prices. And the details of the costs will be in the table below to clearly understand the investment charges.

Al Kabir Orchard Lahore payment plan

Master Plan

The living spaces will fascinate the investors with the best features and facilities. Moreover, the developers will also help the residents attain the lifestyle they are always searching to achieve their dream. Furthermore, world-class amenities will help in making the process of investing much easier for all investors. And that is the beauty of this valuable residential investment opportunity. Moreover, the best value for money will be available here, and the residential spaces will be in several blocks, including Block A, B, C, D, and Shalimar Block. Lastly, the living spaces present here will be:

Al Kabir Orchard Lahore master plan

Residential Plots

Making an ideal and dream home is the wish of all investors. And the developers are here with fantastic features and facilities for them. But moreover, the idea is to provide them with a lucrative environment and living standards at pocket-friendly rates. And that is what all residents will have in future. And to help with living requirements, the sizes of plots will be:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Commercial Plots

Business growth and getting adequate leads at your pace and rates is the dream of all business owners. Moreover, the idea is to make a high-quality infrastructure to help create the best startup leads and growth. And the professional facilities and environment available there will also be a plus for all the investors. Lastly, the commercial setting public will be:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla


The perfect blend of luxury and comfort is now achievable by investing in villas. Moreover, villas are here to offer more reliable living spaces at highly affordable rates. Furthermore, the housing society is making sure to cover all the resident’s needs and expectations in a gated community. And that is also what makes t a reliable and valuable investment deal for all real estate investors. Lastly, the villa’s available options will be:

  • 5 Marla (triple stories)

Development Status

Development work is happening, and construction will also take place soon. And the plan to provide the ideal living space and standards to all investors. Moreover, water filtration plants are now part of the housing community. Furthermore, electricity supply to all residents 24/7 makes the community possible. And the best feature of school construction is also happening in the community.

Moreover, the CCTV cameras installation is happening fast all over the community to offer the secured lifestyle o all residents. Furthermore, wide roads are also developing in the community, which will increase the accessibility of all investors. Lastly, another development status will be available on the Estate Land Marketing official website.


Al Kabir Orchard guarantees the delivery of lucrative features that will enhance the prospective resident’s residential goals. Moreover, the parts that all investors desire are:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Educational Institutes
  • Wide Streets and Roads
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Villas and Apartemnts
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Gated Community
  • Medical Setups
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Commercial Zone
  • Family Parks
  • Filtration Plants
  • Mosque
  • Community Center


Al Kabir Orchard will bring the best in town and the most lucrative living spaces for all residents. Moreover, the pocket-friendly rates will enhance the investment rares here. And these are best of the facilities for all investors:

Provision of all Essential

The housing project’s living experience will be one of the ultimate luxury experiences. Additionally, it will include all introductory provisions like electricity, gas, and water, enabling residents to find their dream residential goals. Moreover, these will last 24 hours to offer lucrative living goals to all. Lastly, it will be available at pocket-friendly rates, making such facilities more reliable and valuable assets.

Premium Quality Infrastructure

Investors will get a perfect lifestyle through living and investing here. In addition, high-end infrastructure will enable enterprises and startups to generate enormous financial rewards. Additionally, offices will access the tools to close the best sales. Finally, the rates are in range, with the most straightforward and efficient payment process.

Medical & Educational Facilities

Health care and educational institutes are the most critical and fundamental living components to attaining high-end goals. Moreover, the medical facilities and academic centres will be part of this gated community. And these facilities would be a crucial component of Al Kabir Orchard Lahore. Furthermore, these will be less expensive and accessible to all investors, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Secured Gated Community

The fascinating aspect is that the guarded environment will guarantee high levels of safety and a feeling of security for investors and inhabitants. And the developers offer the best and most up-to-date technology to create a safe and tranquil environment. Lastly, it will have CCTV cameras with facial recognition capabilities.

Commercial Zones

Investors may find commercial properties with the best technology and at affordable pricing. Additionally, the commercial area will inspire them and assist them in closing lucrative, long-term business partnerships. Moreover, the plots will include all the amenities and features necessary for all business owners to prosper.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Several advantages and disadvantages available in Al Kabir Orchard are here, and the privileges for all investors will be:


  • Premium Quality Infrastructure
  • Educational Centers
  • Fitness Areas
  • Optimal Sewerage Facilities
  • Health Care Centers
  • Mosque
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Family Parks
  • Community Centers
  • Wide Streets
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Environmental Friendly Project
  • Gated Community
  • Commercial Zones
  • Shops Malls
  • Ideal Location
  • Low plot prices
  • Community Club


  • Perception of the costly housing project.

Why Invest in Al Kabir Orchard?

Investing in the housing venture will be a reliable and efficient decision for all investors of the town. Moreover, developers are famous for constructing world-class facilities at highly inexpensive rates. Furthermore, investors and residents will access world-class facilities and a lucrative living environment that will ensure a sustainable lifestyle for all. But, most importantly, the site and inexpensive rates are why it is a worthy investment. Moreover, providing all commodities will also increase the living lifestyle. All these benefits will make the experience exceptional for everyone. So, grabbing a residing space here will be perfect.


The housing society will have exceptional facilities and aims to deliver its best living spaces to all residents at inexpensive rates. Moreover, as per the developers, the residents will access the most lucrative amenities at affordable rates. Furthermore, the site will be accessible from the Allama Iqbal Airport, making it a beneficial investment option for overseas investors. Most importantly, the developers have the approval of this housing community, which will help create a responsible and reliable real estate investment. And the best aspect will be the rates and their payable time that will encourage the investors to invest here according to their pace. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will offer the best guideline for purchasing a residential investment.


Q1. What is Al Kabir Orchard Lahore Kala Shah Kaku?

Al Kabir Orchard Lahore is the newest housing venture developing in the Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore.

Q2. Who is building the housing community?

Al Kabir Town Pvt Ltd is developing the housing project.

Q3. Is it a legal residential community?

Tehsil Municipal Authority approves this housing venture.

Q4. Where is Al Kabir Orchard located?

The housing society is at the Main GT Road, opposite SA Garden Lahore. Moreover, it locates on 1 KM Chak 44 Road.

Q5. Is the price range available for residential investment?

Yes, the residential living space prices are available.

Q6. Is the site accessible from the vital sites?

Allama Iqbal International Airport will be in the surrounding of this housing community. Moreover, in just 10 minutes, the investors can access Shahdra and Muridke.

Q7. What are the perks that attract investors?

Several benefits will be for the prospective residents, including high-end and essential commodities.

Q8. From where to get the ideal deal here?

Estate Land Marketing will offer the best guideline for purchasing a residential investment.

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