PCBDDA presents CBD's projects in a roadshow

PCBDDA presents CBD’s projects in a roadshow

Lahore: On March 8, news sources said that the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) (CBD Punjab) has started roadshows in Lahore to get more people to know about the area and bring in more businesses.

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The authority has made a float that shows off some of its most important projects, such as SIRIUS, The Runway, and The Regalia. The authority said that it will take part in the Jashan-e-Baharan event in Lahore, which is being put on by the government of Punjab, to show how committed it is to the development of the province. It will do this with a beautiful float. The famous Minar-e-Pakistan and signature projects of CBD Punjab are shown on the float, which is covered in flowers that show the colors of spring.

Imran Amin, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CBD Punjab, talked to the media about how happy he was to be a part of the event and work with the community. He talked about how the authority was committed to modern infrastructure and helped Punjab grow. The float is a treat for the people of Lahore, who are amazed by its beautiful colors and lights. It is a sign of how Punjab is growing and changing.


It’s important to note that CBD is the Punjab government’s most important project for growing the city up. The project includes SIRIUS, the tallest mixed-use skyscraper in Punjab, The Runway, a commercial strip with a mix of retail, entertainment, and dining options, and The Regalia, a high-end residential project in the heart of Lahore.

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