CDA authorizes rural and urban revitalization programs totaling billions

CDA authorizes rural and urban revitalization programs totaling billions

Islamabad: According to news sources, the city government on Tuesday (March 7) approved a number of new development initiatives worth billions to improve urban and rural areas in the federal capital.

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These new uplift projects were accepted at a meeting of the Development Working Party (DWP) board of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which was presided over by Noorul Amin Mengal. According to the sources, PC-I of a program worth PKR 10.5 billion for development projects in rural areas was approved during the meeting. The administration intends to extend the development initiatives to rural areas, according to the same source.

In two years, the rural area’s uplift project will be finished. The project’s PC-I emphazised the need for repairs to the rural area’s water supply system, existing roadways, street paving, and sanitation system. It is significant to note that the civic is already working on projects with a total cost of more than PKR 50 billion. Additional projects with CDA approval include:

The cost of Chatta Bakhtawar Housing Project is PKR 2,120 million.
At a cost of PKR 1,424 million, a two-lane flyover and approaches are being built at Rawat T-Chowk from the N-5 Gujar Khan side to the Islamabad Highway.

With PKR 2,573 million, purchase new equipment for the sanitation department.
PC-I for a PKR 142 million connecting road through the Margalla underpass between Garden Avenue and Murree Road
PC-I for the $4,109 million project to build an underpass and expand the Srinagar Highway from 7th Avenue to Serena Chowk

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