CDA resumes Margalla Town Underpass development

CDA resumes Margalla Town Underpass development

Islamabad: According to news reported in the top newspaper on March 6, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to resume building work on the Margalla Town underpass, which was halted due to an upgrade in the design.

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According to a senior CDA official (whose identity was withheld), the underpass’ design has undergone some adjustments, and the authority will shortly resume construction on the project. The placement of the underpass hasn’t changed, he continued. It was revealed that Margalla Town’s service road would be dualized.

Garden Avenue will also be extended from 7th Avenue to the flyover over Murree Road and Rawal Road. The official stated that the CDA Development Working Party will consider this matter at its forthcoming meeting (DWP). The party is anticipated to endorse the $10 billion megaproject for the development of rural communities during the meeting.

It is important to remember that once construction on the Margalla Town underpass project had begun, the civic organisation discovered several technical issues with the approved design.

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