CAA requested buildings around airport height limits

CAA requested buildings around airport height limits

Islamabad: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been encouraged by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Aviation to take the initiative in deciding the height restrictions of high-rise buildings near airports, according to news outlets on March 7.

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The standing committee requested that the CAA create regulations to maintain secure airspace near airports. The construction of housing societies near airports, which continue to hinder flight paths due to height restrictions, raised concerns from the committee about the safety of passengers and crew. The CAA was formerly in charge of overseeing development in the impacted areas, but the committee advises that the authority be reintroduced to stop any dangers. The committee has also demanded a written report on funnel zone safety from the CAA. Also, the CAA has asked the committee to resurrect legislation that would divide the authority’s regulatory mission from the operating role of airports.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently permitted 1,000-foot-tall skyscrapers in several areas near airports. Before, the government controlled property development around airports, but constitutional revisions have given local regulatory bodies the power to create their own regulations and legislation.

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