Quetta building code and illegal structures ordered

Quetta building code and illegal structures ordered

According to press reports from March 16 about the implementation of the building code in Quetta city and its surrounding areas, Quetta Division Commissioner Sohail ur Rehman Baloch presided over a high-level meeting.

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The commissioner ordered during the aforementioned meeting that all feasible steps should be taken to stop illegal construction activities, enforce the building code, and enforce parking regulations in the city. According to Commissioner Balcoh, construction done in violation of building codes is a major problem that is making life tough for many individuals. He emphasized the necessity to address each of these problems in a priority manner.
According to the reports, one of the key causes of the rising traffic problems in Quetta was pointed out at the meeting as buildings without parking places. The fact that the Urban Planning and Design Committee has been established and will examine all new construction projects in the city, even those for which building permits have been obtained, was also emphasized.

The meeting demanded that individuals who utilize parking spaces for profit face harsh punishment. After confirming that all legislative requirements of the building code have been met, Commissioner Baloch reiterated that Metropolitan Corporation is required to ensure that all new and existing buildings use their basements exclusively for parking and issue no-objection certifications to them.

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