GT Road segment between Rawat and Kutchery Chowk renamed

GT Road segment between Rawat and Kutchery Chowk renamed

Rawalpindi: According to a news source, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has renamed the section of the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) that runs from Rawat T-Chowk to Kutchery Chowk. This section of GT Road is currently known as Potohar Avenue, per a notification from the NHA.

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This was brought up during a meeting to review the advancement of the Potohar Avenue upgrade by Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha. Speaking to the attendees of the gathering, he announced that Potohar Avenue would be improved to showcase the local culture.

The commissioner added that the district of Rawalpindi now has administrative responsibility over the peri-urban union councils and the region from the Soan River Bridge to the Toyota Company Showroom. The administration has been instructed to concentrate on traffic control, maintaining the area’s cleanliness, and getting rid of encroachments.

According to the news source, the goal of the anti-encroachment operation, which began on February 24, is to wipe out these peri-urban union councils. Notices were distributed throughout the entire operation’s first phase to prevent encroachment. Fines were enforced during the second stage. The total fine so far imposed is PKR 700,000. In the third step, FIRs will be filed against the offenders, and the contraband that is being displayed on sidewalks, streets, and highways would be seized.

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