What are Saffron City Payment Plan Details? 2023

What are Saffron City Payment Plan Details? 2023


The saffron city payment plan is highly affordable following a provision of an installment plan. Moreover, the developers ensure that investors from all economic backgrounds can invest here and make a long-term investment opportunity. Also, the terms and conditions of paying are very feasible. Most importantly, the plot prices for sale are reasonable compared to the amenities it offers. And that is the aspect developers create for everyone to get the most desirable livelihood. Also, the community will have fantastic investment opportunities discussed in the blog. Lastly, the developers are offering the pre-launch payment plans, and here are their details.

Owners & Developers

Saffron City Rawalpindi owners are creating the finest residential living space with world-class amenities and features. The renowned owners are the Sadullah Khan and Brothers (SKB). Moreover, they deliver the best investment opportunities to investors. Several other projects will be available in the country where they have showcased their skills and projects. Thus, we can say that the investors can have the best project to invest in the twin cities.

Saffron City Payment Plan

The housing project has just released the pre-launch payment plan. The developers are encouraging the investors to make viable assets in the neighborhood. Also, facilities and provisions will be available in the community at the best prices. Further, the Saffron City Master Plan is also outstandingly designed. Lastly, here are the elaborative specifications of the properties.

saffron city Rawalpindi payment plan

5 Marla plot for sale

The saffron city five marla plots are one of the best-selling properties in the community. Moreover, other facilities are also associated with the price range, like the installments and the adequate and payable downpayment. Here are the specific plot details:

  • The saffron city 5 Marla plot booking price is PKR 255,000/-
  • Confirmation at 10 percent amount will be PKR 255,000/-
  • The thirty-six monthly installments are PKR (49,583×36)
  • On possession, the amount will be PKR 255000/-
  • Lastly, the total amount of the 5 Marla plot is PKR 2,550,000/-

10 Marla Plot Price

The ten marla plot is also one of the favorite investment opportunities in saffron. Moreover, other facilities and perks will be available for everyone. And their details are here.

  • The booking price of the 10 Marla plot will be PKR 450,000/-
  • Similarly, at 10 percent, the confirmation amount will be PKR 450,000/-
  • The 36 monthly installments will be (87,500×36)
  • On possession amount of 10 marla plots will be PKR 450000/-
  • Finally, the total amount of 10 marla plots will be PKR 4,500,000/-

1 Kanal Plot for Sale

The Kanal plots are one of the community’s most luxurious, where all future residents and investors can find exceptional living standards. We know that the Saffron City Rawalpindi Location also enhances the way of living among future residents. The specification description is accessible here:

  • The booking amount of the 1 Kanal plot here will be PKR 850,000/-
  • The confirmation amount at the ten percent will be PKR 850,000/-
  • 36 monthly installments will be PKR 165,278×36)
  • On possession, the amount of 1 Kanal plot will be PKR 435,000/-
  • Lastly, the maximum payable amount to submit will be PKR 8,500,000/-

Terms & Conditions

There are some terms and conditions that also apply to all investors. And here are the details available to facilitate the maximum number of investors.

  • The form processing fee will be applicable, and it will be non-refundable.
  • The payment plan given above only describes the general plots.
  • Pre-launch rates are only offered for a limited time.
  • Category change will cost more to all the investors.
  • Instalments amounts are payable before the 5th of each month.
  • Two ways will be applicable for the payment one is a cheque, and the other is the pay order.
  • The total amount of pre-launch properties might change without any prior notice.


The saffron city payment plan is highly affordable. The best aspect is that it has multiple perks and privileges for everyone to make a desirable living standard. Moreover, a spectacular saffron city Rawalpindi masterplan will be available, including various properties. Also, the developers are known for creating luxurious housing and corporate projects in the country.

Not only this, but the saffron city Rawalpindi location is also highly accessible and approachable from the vital sites. Most importantly, the saffron city payment plan is affordable, with many perks and facilities. And for the details, don’t hesitate to contact our website or our expert realtors for consultations—lastly, contact Estate Land Marketing for more information.

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