Is Saffron City Master Plan Details Available?

Is Saffron City Master Plan Details Available?


Saffron city Rawalpindi is the latest addition to the Rawalpindi real estate ventures. Also, the housing project will soon be available to bring the best living standards to all investors and residents. Moreover, several properties, including commercial and residential plots, will be available for everyone. The high-quality infrastructure will help achieve higher living standards. And that is why the developers will amaze the investors with the best possible price range and world-class amenities. Lastly, the other details of the saffron city master plan are available in this blog.

Saffron City Owner

The Saffron City Rawalpindi owner is building a state-of-the-art housing project with the best amenities and features. Also, there will be several other project options, and work experience is available to showcase their expertise in the area. The developers of the saffron city are SKB (Sadullah Khan & Brothers). Also, their firms work in several gulf regions like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

The brand has 25 years of work experience where they created ideal and sustainable living goals. Moreover, the brand’s CEO is Malik Tariq Awan, and Mr Haroon Arshad is the Sales Director. So, we can say that the developers are trustworthy and credible enough to make a long-term sustainable investment.

Noc Status

The housing community will soon receive legal status. Moreover, there is LOP of the project, which gives a sense that the developers will quickly receive legitimate and not approval. Also, the site comes in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi. So the developers will soon receive NOC approval from the RDA. Therefore, the investors will get the most suitable and profitable investment opportunity here. Lastly, after the legal documents are available, the saffron city master plan will be accessible soon.

Saffron City Master Plan

The saffron city master plan is unique, with several other features and amenities accessible to all prospective investors and inhabitants. Moreover, there will be plenty of properties accessible to all investors, including both residential and corporate spaces. Also, the properties will be of high quality, with a world-standards way of living. Further, other facilities will be available for everyone to elevate their living standards to another level. Lastly, additional details of the available plots there are as follows:

Residential Plots

The housing project will have ideal living spaces that will be of high-quality and will have the best living facilities available for everyone. Also, the premium quality infrastructure will add to all residents’ living standards. The best aspect of starting living here is the plot prices in most investors’ range, including the most manageable down payment provision.

Achieving all the features and facilities at the single gated community will elevate livelihood among future residents. Not only this, the instalment provision is the cherry on the cake. The saffron city residential properties lists are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There will be commercial facilities also available in the community. Also, developers plan to create a corporate setting to help investors make profitable business ventures. Several commercial plot sizes will also be a plus to starting desirable startups. The secure gated environment will also help sign mega business deals.

Moreover, the prices plan and saffron city master plan details will be available soon on our website. Lastly, the speculated corporate property details are here.

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla


The Saffron city master plan has the most lucrative property options for all investors. Moreover, there will be numerous features and amenities accessible to inhabitants. And that will ensure high living standards and livelihood for everyone. Also, the saffron city payment plan is exceptionally reasonable that allows investors from different economic backgrounds. And that is why overseas investors also find it the best residential investment opportunity.

Proper investment guidance is mandatory to create a sustainable investment. The developers are ensuring they receive the legal status as soon as possible. Therefore, it will be a trustworthy investment opportunity. Most importantly, the optimal investment here can be potential by contacting the reliable real estate consultant at Estate Land Marketing.

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