DHAQ solicits bids for underground electrical and grid station projects

DHAQ solicits bids for underground electrical and grid station projects

According to a March 15 post on the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta’s official Facebook page, the organization has released tenders to engage a consultant to “design and supervise of underground electrical & grid station” in the community.

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According to the specifics, the administration has requested an Expression of Interest (EOI) by March 31 from credible, qualified, and experienced firms. The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants:

  • Documents that are not complete must be deemed non-responsive and dismissed.
  • Before accepting a bid or proposal, DHA Quetta maintains the right to approve or reject all submissions without providing a reason.
  • Firms registered with the Quetta Electric Supply Company Ltd (QESCO) will be given preference.
    The DHA administration is creating a cutting-edge, high-tech, self-sufficient, and environmentally friendly Smart City, according to the same post. In order to fulfil its commitments, the authority is working on massive development projects, including civil infrastructure that includes expansive commercial and residential zones.


The article also highlighted some of DHA Quetta’s more remote attractions, such as the Grand Mosque, Grand Entry Complex, office buildings, parks, and Designer’s Signature Homes. It also stated that the authority is focused on completing development tasks quickly so they may transfer ownership of plots to their clients and finish the housing society.

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