The FDA will provide property owners smart cards

The FDA will provide property owners smart cards

Faisalabad: The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) has moved quickly to digitize the records of commercial and residential areas of the city. After that, the property owners will be given smart cards, according to news from December 18.

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During a meeting, FDA Director General (DG) Abid Hussain Bhatti made this announcement. The head of the FDA looked over the digitization process and told the people in charge to speed up the digitization of records so that it could be done faster. When putting the data on computers, the departments involved are asked to make sure that everything is clear to everyone.

It was decided that the FDA is in charge of over 18 residential colonies and 17 commercial markets. After the computerization of records is done, smart cards will be given to property owners in FDA-controlled areas.

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