The landfill will be transformed into a park

The landfill will be transformed into a park

MUZAFFARGARH: A place where people used to dump trash in Khangarh city is being turned into a park. Revenue officials have been told to mark the site so that the city beautification project can be carried out. This will give people in the area places to play and stop pollution at the same time.

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On the orders of Deputy Commissioner Samiullah Farooq, the AC of Khangarh, Mubeen Ahsan, went to the site and told the area Patwari to start marking the site as soon as possible so that the site can be turned into a park as soon as possible.

AC Mubeen also went to different brick kilns in Khangarh. One brick kiln unit was fined Rs50,000 for making smog.

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