Usmania Forts Islamabad

Usmania Forts Islamabad


Usmania Forts Islamabad is one of the latest developing projects on the premises of twin cities. Moreover, the developers are keen on making world-class living standards for all investors at reasonable prices and instalment plans. Furthermore, the site and the accessibility will enhance the worth of the residential investment. Most importantly, the costs will help make long-term and reasonable residential opportunities for all investors and future inhabitants. Lastly, the blog will include all the relevant data that will make it an ideal and long-term investment opportunity.

Owners & Developers

SA Builders and Developers will offer the magnificent housing venture to all. Moreover, their previous residential project is why the investors have the trust and confidence regarding the investment in their next development project. Furthermore, the professionals and experts work day and night diligently for the development and construction work. All these advantages and trust factors make this a long-term and valuable investment.

NOC Status

The Legality is what all investors and future inhabitants will soon receive from the concerned authorities. Moreover, the developers are keen to get the NOC approval from the concerned authorities as quickly as possible. And the best aspect is that the investors have this trust factor in the developers that is increasing the investment rate in the community. Lastly, the news will soon be available on the website, so stay tuned to get all the details of the newly available housing community.

Location & Map

The site is again in the ideal and prime area of twin cities at the M2 Motorway that will directly link with the Thalian Interchange. Moreover, the location guarantees that future inhabitants will have an ideal and sustainable investment here with the best possible rates. Most importantly, it will be accessible from the Islamabad International Airport, Srinagar Highway, and Rawalpindi Kohat Road.

The fascinating aspect is that it will be close to famous landmarks like Mumtaz City, Nova City Islamabad, and Taj Residencia. All these sites and housing ventures will make the investment here worthy and sustainable. And all the investors will have the best living standards here because it will be close to all essentials like the police station, schools, colleges, and job opportunities.

Usmania Forts Islamabad location map

Payment Plans

The prices will be accessible and in the range of future inhabitants. Moreover, keeping the inflation factor in mind, the developers offer highly payable and investable fees to all investors. Furthermore, the developers are offering the best expected time and instalment rates to all the investors and buyers. And the prices range will start from PKR 24,00,000/- to PKR 84,00,000/-. Lastly, other payments details and the time duration is in this table:

Usmania Forts Islamabad payment plan

Master Plan

This new housing venture will be available to seek luxuries and essential commodities in a single gated community like in TAB City Rawalpindi. Moreover, the best and most luxurious lifestyle will be available for prospective inhabitants. But, most importantly, several plot sizes and facilities will boost the community’s investment rates. Still, details are yet to come, and future inhabitants will get the facts and information from Estate Land Marketing.

Usmania Forts Islamabad master plan

Residential Plots

The community will have residing spaces with all the essentials and luxurious commodities available at the best possible rates. Moreover, there will be a high-quality structural framework that will help in making the long-term and tremendous. Lastly, different and several commodities in the community will enhance the way of living. And these fantastic resing spaces will be available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The developers will soon offer the commercial set-up to all the investors. Moreover, a high-quality commercial set-up will be available for all at the best possible rates and with world-class architecture. Furthermore, they will be helping in creating massive business profits and deals. However, the official details will be available soon for all the investors. And these will be the speculated commercial plot sizes:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status

The housing community will soon be offering ideal and long-term living standards. Moreover, the construction process will take place according to international construction standards. Furthermore, a plantation drive in the community will add serenity and a greener way of living for all future inhabitants. Most importantly, the world’s best features and facilities will be available in the community, making it the ideal living space for all. Moreover, the right time to invest here will be now because once the investment rates here increase, the properties’ worth and prices will also increase. Lastly, all the information will be available on the Estate Land Marketing Website, so keep yourself upgraded with them.


These outstanding features will be available at the Usmania Forts Islamabad, which will keep the interest in investment here:

  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Wide Streets & Roads
  • Fully Secured Community
  • Community Center
  • Fitness Centers
  • Healthcare Units
  • Mosque
  • Educational Institutes
  • Grid Station
  • Parking Area
  • Commercial Zone
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Parks & Grounds
  • Filtration Plants


The exceptional facilities will be at the Usmania Forts Islamabad to make the best living standards for all investors and prospective residents.

Secured Gated Community

The housing venture will offer all investors the ideal protective living standards. Moreover, the housing venture will have gates and boundary walls to achieve excellent living goals. Furthermore, high-tech tools in the community will help make the ideal and secure living experience there. Most importantly, the security guards will ensure the community’s sustainable and long-term living.

Access to all Basics

The developers are also making ideal living standards in the community, ensuring the investment is worthy and profitable for all. Moreover, the community will have electricity, water, and gas available to help make a long-term and suitable lifestyle. But, most importantly, to ensure quality and healthy drinking for all future inhabitants.

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

The developers will provide the schools and colleges to all investors and residents. Moreover, they will be following the international standards of curriculum that will add value to their living standards. Furthermore, medical units will be available in this new housing community to treat the patients with the best possible first aid. All these facilities will be open 24 hours to mitigate any inconvenience or medical emergency.

Environmental-Friendly Housing Venture

The housing community will have a green and serene lifestyle that all investors must look for to attain long-term and sustainable living standards. And to fulfil this, the developers will offer a one-of-a-kind housing community to all. Moreover, there will be plantations that will begin soon in the community, adding to the housing venture’s beauty and serenity. Lastly, sustainable living standards will be available for all in the community.

Premium-Quality Infrastructure

The developers offer high-class architecture to everyone to make it beneficial for both living and investing purposes. Moreover, world-class standards will ensure that all residents have the ideal living space here. Furthermore, the quality will provide the best business deals to all owners and investors. Most importantly, there will be the chance of making massive profits and higher monetary gains.

Why Invest in Usmania Forts Islamabad?

The housing venture will have the best and most sound facilities and features. Moreover, there will be world-class amenities available at the best possible rates. And that is what all real estate investors look for from long-term and sustainable investments. Furthermore, the best and most vital aspect available here is the site of the residing community, which has high access points and the approachable from the famous landmarks. Most importantly, investing here will make possible effective and profitable living standards for all investors. Lastly, all essential and high-end commodities will be available in a single living space.


The Usmania Forts Islamabad is a one-of-a-kind housing venture willing to offer everyone the world-class and best living space. Moreover, the developers will show of its kind development projects at reasonable rates. Furthermore, all features and facilities will be available that all investors usually look for from the residential investment.

Investors can get what they want from site to price range for a long-term residential investment. But, most importantly, the best possible price rates will be available with the provision of an instalment plan for all investors. And if you are looking for a long-term investment here, then Estate Land Marketing can help you make an ideal investment here.


Q1. What is Usmania Forts Islamabad?

Usmania Forts Islamabad is one of the latest developing projects on the premises of twin cities.

Q2. Where are its site and accessibilities?

The site is in twin cities at the M2 Motorway that will directly link with the Thalian Interchange and is close to Islamabad International Airport, Srinagar Highway, and Rawalpindi Kohat Road.

Q3. Is the initial price details available?

Yes, an initial price rate is available with the instalment plan provision.

Q4. Who is building this ideal and of its kind housing community?

SA Builders and Developers will offer the magnificent housing venture to all.

Q5. Is this a legal housing complex?

The housing venture will soon get NOC approval from concerned authorities for all future inhabitants to secure residential investment.

Q6. Will there be commercial properties available yet?

Not yet, but soon the commercial zone will be available.

Q7. Is investment here will worth it for creating long-term assets?

Of course, the availability of all world-class features and sites will make the investment here worth it.

Q8. How to make a good plot and investment guidance?

Estate Land Marketing can help everyone to make an ideal and sustainable investment in this new housing complex.

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