Nest City Wah Cantt

NEST City Wah Cantt


Nest City Wah Cantt is the latest housing venture for the investors of wah, and it will offer the ideal and most vital living space to all the investors and future inhabitants of nearby areas. And National Engineering Science and Technology City is the complete form of NEST City. Moreover, developers ensure that all prospective investors and inhabitants have the ideal and dream residential investment. Most importantly, the sizes and the price range will also be in scope and a more feasible option to invest in and make an ideal investment. Moreover, the other details of this residing space will be available. So, continue reading and make a perfect investment here.

Owners & Developers

The NEST City construction work throughout the country will help make the long-term and ideal residential investment for all government employees, private job holders and local investors. All these investors can benefit from making a long-term investment and a perfect living here. Moreover, the developers will make the investment more trustworthy and reliable for all investors. Furthermore, there will be a team of professionals working for the timely delivery and quality projects.

NEST City Wah Cantt NOC Status

The housing venture has approval from the following concerned authorities. Moreover, the No Objection Certificate is the first document that all investors need before making a long-term and sustainable investment. Furthermore, it has approval from the SECP, PTA, ICCI, FBR, and the Government of Pakistan. All these approvals will help make an ideal living and long-term investment for all investors. Lastly, the name and the legal status make this investment more reliable and worthy.

Location & Map

The site is ideal for the M1 Motorway near Brahma Bhatar Interchange, close to the Wah Taxila region. Moreover, the approachability will raise the investment rate and the worth of this site. Furthermore, the site will also increase the value of the investment, and a high return on investment will be for all investors. Moreover, we know that the housing venture has several famous landmarks. And the renowned housing venture includes New City Wah and New City Paradise. Lastly, the map will give an in-depth understanding of the location.

Nest City Wah Cantt location map

Payment Plan

The prices plan will be highly affordable and within reach of all investors, like in the TAB City Rawalpindi. Moreover, the developers make the best and most reliable fees range with the instalment plan to ensure the best and lifelong investment here. Furthermore, there will be a 20% down payment that is mandatory to pay. Most importantly, there will be 16 Quarterly Instalments that are payable by all investors. Lastly, the prices start from PKR 2,350,000/- to PKR 8,521,500/-.

Nest City Wah Cantt payment plan

Master Plan

The housing community will be offering countless properties to all investors. Moreover, the residential plots will be the spaces that will fulfil the future inhabitants’ requirements. Furthermore, world-class architecture in the properties will enhance the living of all investors and prospective inhabitants, like in New City Paradise. Most importantly, the community will have several size options to help make the ideal living standards and dream investments. Lastly, the availability of properties here will be:

Nest City Wah Cantt master plan

Residential Plots

There will be residing spaces to be part of the community. Moreover, blissful and lifetime living experiences will be available for all investors at the housing venture. Furthermore, future residents will have world-class facilities and features to help create long-term and reliable investments.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

Commercial Plots

There will be a commercial set-up available in the community. However, the developers will soon reveal the details of these properties in the community. Moreover, the commercial zone will have a high-quality architecture that will make massive monetary gains and profits. Furthermore, the site and features will also help make the best business deals. Lastly, most probably, these will be the commercial plots available here.

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla

Development Status

The development work will start soon in the community to offer all investors and future inhabitants excellent living standards. Moreover, the developers are also focusing on making it the best and ideal living and investment opportunity. Furthermore, there will be the cutting and levelling of properties in the community, making the construction process faster. Most importantly, there will be a plantation drive to begin in the housing venture to make the lifestyle an environment more serene and healthy for all. Lastly, the worth of the investment and process of plots will increase after the construction work starts. So, it is an ideal time to make a long-term investment here.

NEST City Wah Cantt Features

Several features will be available in the Nest City Wah Cantt. Moreover, there will be the following features available in the community.

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Wide Roads & Main Boulevards
  • Environmental-Friendly Housing Project
  • Parks & Grounds
  • Mosque
  • Apartments
  • Educational Institutes
  • HealthCare Centres
  • Shops & Groceries
  • Optimal Sewage System
  • Entertainment Area
  • Secured Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Green Belts
  • Street Lights
  • Grid Station
  • Community Center


Several facilities will be available for all future inhabitants of this housing community. Moreover, there will be these facilities and services available for all investors:

Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme

The housing venture will help the investors achieve ideal and serene living standards. Moreover, all the basics are mandatory for sustainable living, like a healthy green environment. Furthermore, a plantation drive will be going to place in the community necessary to curb the effects of climate change. Most importantly, the construction process will be according to international town planning standards, which will help create less wastage.

Access to all Basics

The developers will offer the necessities to live a satisfactory and long-term living standard. Moreover, for that sake, electricity, gas, and water provisions will be available for all investors at the most reasonable rates. Furthermore, the filtration plants will also be available here, allowing all the investors to make a healthy and long-term living standard here.

Health & Educational Facilities

Health care facilities available at the housing venture will be mandatory to get the desirable lifestyle. Moreover,  medical centres will be open 24/7 with world-class equipment and gadgets. But, most importantly, these centres and the access to these medical services near your home inspired you to have an ideal living. And the schools and colleges will also be available, allowing the investors to attain high-class educational goals.

Premium-Quality Infrastructure

The architecture of the housing venture will be of premium quality that will enhance the lifestyle of all investors and future inhabitants. Moreover, there will be a premium-quality architecture of the commercial set-up that will help in attaining the best profits and business leads. Most importantly, the site is the plus point of making an ideal investment here.

Secured Gated Community

Security is the need of all individuals, which is why this will be a gated community. Moreover, the security checks will be available here, with CCTV cameras. And that will enhance the security measures going into the housing community. Furthermore, security guards will ensure that all residents have fuss-free living standards for all future inhabitants.

Pros & Cons

Several pros are available that will increase the living and investing experience in Nest City Wah Cantt. And here is a glimpse of them:


  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Provision of all Basics
  • Wide Roads and Streets
  • Commercial Zone
  • Ideal Site
  • High Access Points
  • Entertainment Area
  • Fitness Club
  • Community Centre
  • Affordable Prices
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Renowned Developers
  • Family Parks
  • Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • Marts & Grocery Shops
  • Medical Units
  • CCTV Camera
  • Schools and Colleges


  • Perception of High-Plot Prices.

Why Invest in Nest City Wah Cantt?

The developers make it an ideal living space for all investors. Moreover, there will be many reasons to strive for a perfect way of living here, including the site, master plan, and price range. All these features make it the most viable housing space for creating a long-term and profitable investment. Furthermore, all necessities and luxurious commodities will be available in the community or nearby areas. Most importantly, it is a safe and secure investment for all residents who want to make a long-term investment in this housing community. Therefore, asset now is vital to make a profitable long-term investment.


The housing community ensures the best and ideal living opportunity for all investors at highly affordable rates. Moreover, there will be access to all facilities and commodities one can ask for, having long-term living and investing standards. Furthermore, the developers are keen on ensuring everyone’s world-class architecture and lifestyle. Most importantly, site and rates are fascinating aspects of investing and profitable investments in this housing community.

The legal part also adds to the profitability of funding for this housing venture. Moreover, there will be world-class architecture with the environment to make the business lead. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing can help you get the right investment deals in Nest City Wah Cantt. So, connect now and get an ideal investment.


Q1. What is Nest City Wah Cantt?

Nest City Wah is the latest housing venture for the investors of wah.

Q2. Where are the location map and access points?

The site is ideal for the M1 Motorway near Brahma Bhatar Interchange, close to the Wah Taxila region, with accessibility from New City Wah and New City Paradise.

Q3. What is the Abbreviation of Nest City?

National Engineering Science and Technology City is the complete form of  NEST City.

Q4. Is this housing venture legally approved?

The housing venture has approval from the SECP, PTA, ICCI, FBR, and the Government of Pakistan.

Q5. Will there be commercial Plots option available?

Soon the developers will announce any updates regarding the commercial properties’ availability here.

Q6. Are the prices available with the instalment plans?

Yes, an initial price range is available with the feasible instalment option.

Q7. Is this investing here profitable and sustainable?

Of course, the site and high access points with world features make it a feasible option.

Q8. From where to get an ideal and profitable investment at Nest City Wah Cantt?

Estate Land Marketing can help you get the right investment deals in Nest City Wah Cantt.

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