Baluchistan and Pakistan's development hinges on Gwadar : DG GDA

Baluchistan and Pakistan’s development hinges on Gwadar : DG GDA

The Director General of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Qambrani, said on October 28 that Gwadar could change not only the lives of the people of Baluchistan but also the lives of the people of the whole country.

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Qambrani said at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Institute for Regional Studies (IRS) that the government has started a number of development projects with the help of private companies. These projects include energy corridors, water supply schemes, and institutions that are helping to change the lives of people in Gwadar. He also said that plans are in the works for a coal-fired power plant with a 300 MW capacity and the building of solar parks to get energy from renewable sources. He also talked about how Gwadar International Airport is coming along. This airport will start airline service in March of next year and will be able to fit an Airbus A380.

Qambrani also said that Gwadar’s master plan is similar to Shenzen’s and that it would cost PKR 3.3 billion to finish. He said that the plan is not to move people, but to fix up and revitalize the old town of Gwadar. He asked think tanks to help get the word out about Gwadar and clear up common misunderstandings.

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