The CDA Environment Wing will construct parks in Islamabad

The CDA Environment Wing will construct parks in Islamabad

A press release from October 26 says that the chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis, has told all relevant departments to make sure that the citizens have a healthy environment. This includes building parks in the capital.

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According to a press release from CDA, the organization’s environment department has decided to build a park for women in Sector I-14/1. Under the same plan, another park will be built in Sector F-10/4 to give people, especially kids, a place to play that is good for their health.

It was said that both parks will have walkways, jogging and cycling paths, swings for kids, and other important features. Also, different kinds of seasonal flowering plants will be planted in the parks to help visitors feel even better. In another development, CDA Chairman Younis has given orders, and the environment wing has finished its plan for building a jogging track and box culvert on the green belt of Sector F-8/3.

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