CDA to enable Gandhara Heritage Centre

CDA to enable Gandhara Heritage Centre

Islamabad: On November 18, news sources said that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had decided to make the Gandhara Heritage and Culture and Convention Centre in Sector F-9 Citizen Club work and open to the public.

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In this situation, the CDA has put three private people on the management committee (MG), which is in charge of running the heritage site. The final summary for the name of the committee has been sent to the federal government for approval. After getting permission from the federal government, the MG committee will be finished and start managing a number of projects. The CDA said that the centre will be used for things like meetings, exhibits, and sports facilities like a gym. The centre will have club amenities as well as a museum about Gandhara culture.

The public will also be able to use the club’s different services, as long as they pay the club’s membership fees. The public will be able to use the following amenities:

gym with a membership fee of PKR 12,000 per month
Members pay PKR 5,000 per month to use the tennis courts.
Membership costs PKR 5,000 per month to use the swimming pool.

Customers will have to put down a PKR 50,000 security deposit, and the CDA hopes to make PKR 972 million a year from these services.

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