CM Punjab Elahi confers district status to Jampur

CM Punjab Elahi confers district status to Jampur

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Chaudhry Parvez Elahi gave Jampur, a tehsil in the Rajanpur district, district status on Friday, December 30. This was reported by news sources.

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This will be Punjab’s 42nd district, and it will be the sixth one made in 2022. At a meeting of the cabinet, where many officials were present, it was decided that Jampur would become a district. Elahi said at the time that the government wants to make Jampur the “best district” in Punjab and give thousands of people jobs. He also said that the government will soon open a university in Jampur to give people, especially girls, the chance to go to college.

As part of the government’s plan to make a new province in south Punjab, Jampur has been given district status. This is important because it will help solve people’s problems and make better use of resources in the area. At the moment, people from these districts have to go to Lahore for official business. This costs a lot and adds to the city’s capacity and housing problems.

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