New Master Plan 2050 Notified by Lahore Development Authority

New Master Plan 2050 Notified by Lahore Development Authority

On December 31, news sources said that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) had sent out a notice about the new Lahore Master Plan 2050.

The Punjab government has sent out a notice saying that the regional plan for Lahore Division and the master plans for the biggest cities in the division will be added to the new master plan. This includes the newly planned northern area of the district of Sheikhupura, which was made so that the growing population of the district of Lahore could have a place to live.

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The plans and policies of other authorities, such as the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA), Punjab Central Business Districts Development Authority (PCBDA), and Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), have also been added to the new master plan.

The notice says that the revised plan includes the following suggestions and requirements:

  • The plan calls for a new city center to be built in Gulberg. It also describes the city’s future growth, settlement, and plans.
  • The notification includes a regional plan for the Lahore Division as well as master plans for the biggest cities in the division.
  • 20% of the space in Lahore’s new residential zones and areas will be set aside for open spaces.
  • For new projects, a fee of PKR 100,000 per kanal will be charged to improve the environment.
  • People have suggested a regional ring road, a parallel rail network, and a way to collect rainwater for future housing developments.
  • The new master plan will go into effect on January 1, and it will replace all previous master plans, outline development plans, structure plans, and site development plans. The plan will be reviewed in 2030 and 2040.


It is important to note that Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Parvez Elahi presided over the governing body meeting of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on December 21, which approved the plan under the LDA Act 1975 and LDA Master Plan Rules 2014. After Islamabad, the Lahore Master Plan is the first one for any city in Pakistan.

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